Monday, October 29, 2018

Printable Vintage Pumpkin Seed Packet

You could make so many things with a seed packet !
Today I am just going to share a quick and easy way to frame a couple-
Save to your computer and print your seed packet.
Print to fit  3" x  4 1/2 "
This is the size we will use in a  4'' x 6'' frame.
You will need a piece of paper - 4'' x 6'' for your background, and a glue stick,
scissors and a frame.
Use scissors to carefully trim your printed packet. I like to leave the lower flap.
I had a piece of scrapbook paper that looks like burlap and another in
black gingham.
Background paper to fit frame

Glue sticks

 Glue seed packet on background paper and frame....... that's it!
Check your closets for frames you can recycle, if not check the thrift stores near you.
I already had so many frames on hand that I picked a few to see which one
I liked best. I used the gingham paper in the white frame.
I used the burlap paper in this dark wood frame.
I had a blue barn wood frame, and I used the burlap paper again.
I love quick projects....but this was less than 5 minutes : )
Tell me which one you like...if any...and what you would create with your seed packet !
Have a wonderful week, friends! Stay safe-
xo Lisa S

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Easy Christmas Chalkboard

 You can use thin scrap wood for this project.
Paint with flat black paint.
If you don't have any thin scraps you can get a Mini Chalkboard
at the Dollar Tree. The Chalkboards are 6'' x 8''.
They are made of Masonite and they are double sided.
I drilled small holes at the top of Chalkboard and used Jute to make a hanger.
 I used a wet sponge brush with just a drop of white acrylic paint
to give a whitewash effect.

The ribbon that I used was 5/8" wide.

I had these chenille stems on hand. You can find these at the Dollar Tree
12 stems for $1

I just looped ends together to make a mini wreath shape.

I used a 4'' piece of ribbon to cover the connection point,
then flipped the wreath over.

Then used hot glue to attach to the board.
I cut another piece of ribbon about 6 " to make a small bow.
Attach with hot glue. 
You can use a chalk marker or paint pen to add your sentiment to center of wreath.
Here is one finished. It took about 5 minutes to make!
So....of course I made more. Until I ran out of chenille stems.
These are ready for the Craft Show!
I'm sorry if it's too soon to think about Christmas, but I wanted to share some of the things
I am working on this week.
xo Lisa S

DIY Farmhouse Coasters

 Set of 4 coasters ready for gift giving!
This is  how I made them -

I found this game at the DOLLAR TREE in the toy section.
Tumbling Tower  is a stacking game. It comes with 36 wood blocks,
perfect for crafting.

I worked with one package at a time.
Every package will make 3 coasters.
Two packages will make 6 coasters.
I wanted to make sets of 4 coasters so I purchased 4 packages.

 This is the pattern I used to glue my pieces.
I used Elmer's Wood Glue.
It dries fast and strong.
No sanding necessary.
It makes a Parquet design.

I used my favorite  BRIWAX stain. It leaves a beautiful wax finish in one step.

Dark Brown is my go- to color.

Use a soft cloth, allow time to dry.

Dollar Tree has these cork dots. You can stick the dots
on the back side to protect your furniture. 

I decided to bundle the coasters in sets of 4.
Made 3 gift sets of 4 coasters....
I hope I didn't confuse you with my MATH !

Bonus: To use as a TRIVET, put 4 side by side.

Tied the sets together.
Then I added a small piece of greenery.


I may bundle a set to go with my coffee tray.

Let me know if you like this quick and easy project.

I really enjoy sharing with you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit today!

xo Lisa S


Monday, October 15, 2018

Holiday Gift Bags

To use as a ''Thank you'' for Customers if you are selling at a Craft Fair
or Flea Market-
Hello Friends! Just a little something that I wanted to share.
If you are like me, this is the time of year that I am focused on
last minute details as the CRAFT FAIR season begins.
One thing I like to do every year, is make decorated bags for  the small
purchased items. My customers really appreciate the added touch.
I add a business card to each bag ahead of time.
 Some customers consider this free gift wrapping.
Your business card will be given to the gift receiver and you may get a new customer.

Wouldn't you rather have your Handmade Cards or Jewelry put
inside a bag like this...instead of an old recycled bag from the Grocery Store?
Even if you are not a craft seller, these are a great way to
 de-stash your out of control paper hoard and make custom wrap on a budget.
I purchased lunch bags from the Dollar Tree
40 count for $1.00
I had book pages, torn from a Dictionary.
The pages were  4 1/2" x 7"
I had a lot of scrap paper from other projects. I knew I would be needing
for something. I realized I had mostly neutral colors in my pile so I went with
a Fall Tree Theme.
This year I am using a triangle shape.
You can get Glue Sticks 6 for $1.00 at Dollar Tree. 

You will need scissors and an optional ultra fine pen.
First layer is the book page. You don't have to use this idea but it gives an
added layer of thickness and dimension.
Next, the tree trunk 
A triangle for the base. 

Another layer. 
And another. 
I like to have 3 to 4 layers on my tree.

I come back over the design and use dashes and dots along the edges.

It looks a bit like stitch marks on a quilt in my opinion, but of course

 leave it off if you don't like it.
They are all a bit different. 
 I had one bag with handles, I opened it up so the bag could stand up and store
all the decorated bags!
This is definitely a budget friendly project,
Here it is used as gift wrap.
I hope this idea was helpful to you.
Happy Crafting!
I hope you have a wonderful week-
xo Lisa S

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