Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Little Golden Book Junk Journals

Hi friends,

I've been so busy with Christmas Craft shows but I want to share

these Little Golden Book JUNK JOURNALS.

They are so fun to make!

Here are a few that were completed.

I call these Junk Journals because you can fill them with all sorts

of scraps, pictures, tags, fabric and lace.

To make your Junk Journal-

You will need a Little Golden Book

-These are easy to find at Yard Sales and Thrift shops for  $.25- $1.00

Assorted Scrapbook papers, junk mail, coloring book pages, stickers,

lined paper, card stock, greeting cards. envelopes, tags, etc.

3 binder rings

optional -scraps of ribbon, bells, tags

Frosty's cover was well worn at the binding and easy to remove.

Make sure the front and back covers are the same size.

Use cutter if needed.

I was able to gently tear out pages by holding down the "golden" foil edge.


Cut your pages to the same size as the covers.

My pages were cut to 6 1/16'' by 8''

I used these large binder type clips to keep all the pages together and in the right order.

I went to Staples and used their industrial strength 3 hole punch.

I worked on my project at the store like it was my own office!

And it was free.

 Sorry about jumping around from book to book!

Some of the books sold before I could post

and my pictures were not a complete project.

But I think you will understand and forgive me!

After I have the covers ready, I gather paper and envelopes and cut to size.

I use the 3 hole punch on these pages.

Starting at the first page, I alternate scrap paper with story pages.

Being careful to keep the story pages in the right order.

The story book pages are not covered with other paper.

I also add pocket pages and envelopes.

The books are usually about 12 pages.

I recommend adding at least another 14 pages.

Then use a clip to keep everything together.


I found these Book binder rings at the Dollar Tree.

I used 1'' rings. If you make a thicker book the Dollar Tree

also carries rings that are 1 1/2''

Once the rings are on the book you may want to add ribbon like I did.

I used scraps of ribbon that I have saved for something like this project.

The ribbon is just tied to the rings and can be left off if you prefer.

Here's Baby Farm Animals

I found these old flash cards that matched the stories!

 Remember the Saggy Baggy Elephant?

I put the books in a basket to display on my table.

They were a good seller.

These junk journals are a great way to use up some of your paper stash.

The rings open so these books can be added to in the future.

What do you do with it?

Use for journaling, personalized gift, artwork, photos, important notes.... be creative!

Of course I kept

''The Little Red Hen''

I'll work on that one in my spare time-

What was your favorite Golden Book from childhood ?

Share with me in the comments.

Update: Just to let you know I have a few left 

and they have been posted on EBAY for $18

If you are interested my shop name is fvlisas

XO Lisa S


  1. Do you put the scrapbook paper/blank sheets in between the book's pages and then use that for notes? Or do you cover the book's pages with the paper? Trying to understand this.

    1. Hi Jan
      Well I see how that was not clear- I will add more details. I leave all the pages from the book as is, then add more paper/ blank sheets and envelopes in between the story. Thanks for letting me know it was unclear, I will go back and change it :)
      xo Lisa S

    2. Thanks, Lisa, for clarification. Now I understand it. I can see this being used also to ask questions or add comments related to the previous book page of reading for kids to ponder. Reflective reading! or ask kids to draw their own pictures of the previous book page.

    3. Jan
      You are welcome! You have some great ideas. I like how you think. xo Lisa S

  2. Great idea!! Thanks so much for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 6. Shared.

  3. This is very cool. I have made junk journals from blank books, it's clever to use the children's book and yet keep it so that you could still read it to a child.

    1. Jeanne
      Blank page journals are fun to fill. I just love the illustrations in these children books. They make me smile.
      xo Lisa S

  4. DARLING and GENIUS!! pinning. Can't wait to try this fun project! Best wishes for wonderful holidays. Linda @Crafts a la mode

    1. Linda
      What a sweet comment! Thank you so much. If you make one come back and tell me about it. xo Lisa S

  5. LOVE THIS!! We have so many books that fall apart, this is brilliant way to salvage them...

    1. Thank you! Yes, some of these binding came apart by just running my fingernail along the edge.
      xo Lisa S

  6. Lisa,
    I love these books. You are so creative. If you need more, I have tons.

    1. Thank you Bev!
      Well the Christmas ones were the first to go at the craft fair. If you find another Frosty or Rudolph let me know.
      Thanks friend, You are always so thoughtful. xo Lisa S

  7. What a cute idea! Some of the little golden books we have, had the bindings worn out, so this is also a great idea to just re-purpose them in general so they can last many more years!

    Thanks for sharing this post with us on the Homestead Blog Hop!


    1. Cherelle
      So nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by-
      You are so right- This can give new life to favorites to enjoy even longer. xo Lisa S

  8. Replies
    1. Julie
      Thank you so much. I appreciate the visit and your sweet comment.
      xo Lisa S

  9. Such a cute idea, Lisa! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! Pinning!

  10. These are really easy and look great
    Ive made one some time ago adding cat printed pages for the kitten book
    Thank you for thinking I had better make those books I have piled up
    Cheers πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŒΊπŸŒΉ


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