Sunday, October 30, 2022

One Doily, One Shirt !

Hello friends!

 I have a large amount of linens I have been sorting through.

In fact I have them for sale right now on EBAY by the pound!

I found all sorts of shapes-

I found a KITTY !

Can you see it ?

Just any old flannel shirt will do-

I'm going to add the doily to the back.


I pinned my doily in place, and measured to make sure it was centered.

I decided to add it to the shirt below the yoke.

With long hair the design would be covered at the collar.

I carefully cut away the fabric behind the design,

to about a 1/4'' away from the stitching.

Turned right side to the front top side.

Then I used a zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine.

I stitched right over that edge line.

This is the inside of the shirt after stitching.

I always were another T Shirt underneath my flannels.

Then the lace design detail will really show.

I had my mannequin model for us!

I like the look-

It's easy to do....and it's easy to find old doilies around.

Short and sweet-

Thank you for visiting today!

xo Lisa S

This shirt below had no yoke seam in back,

 so I stitched up under the collar.

This shirt has already sold.

All the packages of doilies have sold too-

I will try to put some more together soon.


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