Friday, April 19, 2019

An Easter Greeting

Hello Friends,

What an amazing promise fulfilled !

Blessings to you and your family,

xo Lisa S

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Galvanized Spray Paint - Does it work?

......And is it worth the money?
I already had 8 cans of spray paint in my stash.
I found everything from Brushed Nickel to Metallic Silver

  but I was curious about the galvanized paint.

These 8 metal chargers were a thrift store find. They were a brassy gold color.
I really wanted a set of galvanized, but they are so expensive.
 When we entertain we always eat outside.
The galvanized plates are casual and rustic.
 I think it's worth a try!

So I went with the RUST-OLEUM  Hammered Paint and Primer in Silver
I put down some cardboard and flipped the plates over to start on the back side.
I decided to use a couple of the cans I had since I was painting the backs.
 It was a nice hot day!
A couple of coats of paint and I was ready to try the
Hammered Silver
 Here is a close up
I did not see the 'galvanized look' right away

 after a couple coats...sure enough you start to see it!
I noticed the more the paint spits and sputters the better- you almost have to
make it thicker in places yourself.
What I mean is if you spray too perfectly even you may nor notice the slight variance
in the color.  This is my own opinion of course but I think it worked.
I left the plates outside to bake in the sun....
I was all ready to, I don't see it happening then I noticed it looked great.
 It even gave a galvanized texture.
So YES, it was a success!
I only bought 1 can of the HAMMERERED SILVER
 and even without using up a couple old cans like I did,
 I would have had enough paint to cover all 8 chargers.
If you try this paint I think you will be happy with the results!
My chargers were $1 each
The Hammered Silver was $7 at Home Depot
Similar Galvanized Chargers were between $6 and $12 each

I put some pieces together temporarily.
 I plan to use these chargers often.
 I look forward to Easter Brunch with family!
Have a blessed week and a Happy Easter!
xo Lisa S

Monday, April 15, 2019

My Backyard Garden Tour

Early Spring 2019

Hi Friends,
Spring is here ! It is probably my favorite time of year.
Well it is the best time to be in the garden.
I have to admit I am a bit of a lazy gardener.
 I love letting the plants do their own thing.
  We fill our yard with perennials and native plants and recently
 we have added some succulents.

Mr. Freshvintage is anything but lazy! I am blessed that he loves working in the yard.

He mows and digs my holes, I get to do the fun part of planting and trimming.

We are going to start in the backyard....and just look around a bit.

This beautiful combination below is Fewerfew and Forget-me-nots. 
Towards the front is Lambs Ear, then Freesia bulbs and  Nasturtiums.

This is part of my Herb garden. The tall plant in front is
Oregano. Behind that is Thyme with more blossoms than leaves....and lots of bees!
Behind the Thyme is Lavender and Mint.

Some Pink Lantana

The railroad sign was another gift from a different neighbor and more Lavender.

Come sit for a while.
I call these my Motel chairs! Comfortable even without cushions.

 Our window box was made with pallet wood. I designed it to fit 5 gallon buckets  so we can change
the plants for the seasons if we wish. This way the box doesn't get wet. It is attached to the
stucco wall with a hidden ' L ' bracket.
My gate holds my garden tool claw collection.
The tractors belong to my son when he was little....and they were vintage then.
I keep them under the window out of the way. 
Across from the window there is more setting- 

More rusty tools and a whirly gig we bought  more than 30 years ago.
When it's windy, the farmer  milks the cow in double time speed!

An old bird bath, Mexican Marigolds and Lemon Balm.

Our Lemon tree and an old wagon wheel on the fence.

We added the rock paths through the garden.
Mr. Freshvintage made this archway out of scrap wood.
We can sit under the grapes.
One side is Thompson and the other is Flame.

My husband made the rusty heart from a broken whisky barrel.
This bird house is attached to an old shovel.

A corner of the yard for sitting!
Old smudge pots and miscellaneous rusty goodness.

My gate and bottle garden

Back to my raised bed veggie far volunteer onions
and Blackberry bushes on the fence. I will update vegetable garden in summer.

 We  use our Compost Bin is used year round.

Next to our garden shed, I keep the potting bench made by my husband and son.
They made it from scrap wood- I use it as an extra table when we eat outside.
I love it! They added wheels and I can move it all over.
Another pallet planter with succulents.

  A Dwarf  Darcy Tangerine tree and some purple Lantana
That's a Pomegranate bush on the left. We recently added the Santa Rosa Plum on the right.
In front Mexican Sage, Autumn Sage, a dwarf Butterfly bush....beyond the rock path
Cat Mint and Tropical Milkweed.
 We have Trumpet Vines on the patio for shade. the way my house is blue.... not purple! :)

Some Daisies ready to open!

We don't get snow here.
I am always happy to see what survived the winter frost.

This mailbox was a trash rescue.
It's all wood covering a plastic interior.
My secret hiding place for an extra weeder tool and clippers.

All four corners!
My Husband found this Cream Separator and gave it a coat of paint.
Our side yard has 2 separate Chicken Coops.
These chickens below are my favorites. They are Japanese Bantams....
so friendly and they love to be held.
Yes , they lay eggs.

The chickens take turns in the run and on the grass.

The other flock of 4 are in their awkward teenage stage.
They are loosing their baby feathers and don't like the camera.
I'll get a picture next time.
 Sorry this was such a long tour!
I'm glad we could hang out together.
I will add some pictures of the vegetable garden in summer-
Thank you again and have a wonderful week!
 xo Lisa S

Monday, April 8, 2019

Printable Carrot Seed Packets and Garland Update

Hello Friends, 
I wanted to share an updated version of
my original Carrot Garland  shared here.
 I showed you how to make these carrots with Dollar Tree candy containers.

This spring I added these Carrot Seed Packets

Copy, Save and Print
Use mini clothespins to attach to jute or ribbon.


I hope you enjoy these seed packets!
xo Lisa S

An Easter Greeting

Hello Friends, What an amazing promise fulfilled ! Blessings to you and your family, xo Lisa S