Friday, June 14, 2019

Easy 4th of July Wreath

Hi Friends !
I hope you are doing well.
 I am enjoying a break from our early heat wave !
I was working on this easy wreath.

This is the base that I used,  It was a Christmas wreath.
The diameter is 9''. 
My dollar store had SO MANY after Christmas that they marked them down to FREE !
Yes, please and thank you very much!

I just cut off the tinsel.....and this is the wreath frame.
I used scissors to cut off the top hanging loop.

I used this velvet type bow, but you can use other ribbon or fabric
with stars and stripes.
The bow was easy to take apart. It was held together with a twist tie.

To make the number 4,  I used 3 of these thin wood
plant sticks.


I started with the star material, I wrapped about 1/4 of the wreath.
Then used hot glue to hold in place.


Then wrapped the stripes
When I finished the wreath it looked like this-
Lay your wood pieces out. Mark where you need to cut.
This thin wood can be cut with scissors.


Use wood glue or white glue to hold your '4' together.

 I use white acrylic paint, and a black paint pen to write July.


I used hot glue to attach to wreath.


This small wreath can sit on a shelf.

I put mine on the mantle.

What do you think ?

Let me know if you like this wreath and plan to make it !

xo Lisa S

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Stenciled Galvanized Flower Bucket

Hi Friends!
I have another quick stencil project to share with you.
My Mom gave me this old galvanized flower bucket,
she knew I would want to stencil it :)

This is the stencil I wanted to use.
Round surfaces can be tricky.
6" X 6"
I was able to tape the stencil to bucket
with no problems.
I used black acrylic paint and a stencil brush.
I cut some flowers from my garden.
When I brought them inside I remembered......I really don't like
the way Daisies smell !

So ....outside they went, to the front porch!
They look nice there so that's where they will stay!
Thanks so much-
xo Lisa S

Saturday, June 8, 2019

A Stenciled Berry Crate

Hi Friends !

Father's Day is coming..... What do you get your DAD?

I asked my Dad for an idea. He said, '' How about the same as last year?"

Well that's easy. Last year I made him a batch of homemade


and apparently a big hit !

I was able to make a batch of Blueberry Jam, Strawberry and Raspberry Jam.

Right now in California the fruit is plentiful, I make a lot of jam

for my family and also save for gift giving.

I found this box at the thrift shop for .99

While I was at the store I was able to check to see if it would hold

jars of jam.....and yes, it could hold 4 half pint jars.

Sometimes I wonder if you may like the BEFORE better then the AFTER!

But in this case, I am not sure what LOOK they were going after. 

This was the tag on the bottom of box.
Are you kidding me ???? .......$19.99..... no way!

 I was able to remove the raffia easily.
 It already looks better to me.
Then I lightly sanded the entire crate.
I decided to paint the crate a dark green so it would go with my parents décor.
 English Ivy Green


I used white paint for the stencil lettering.


 This is the stencil I plan to use.
It is a perfect fit for this crate!
Cathe Holden's Inspired Barn stencils
6" x  6"  
A perfect fit! 
I taped the stencil in place.
Let dry.
 I used dark brown wax to seal.
Use a soft cloth to wax and wipe off excess.
I used dark wax because I wanted a more worn primitive look.
I covered the jars with 5'' squares and jute.
 The rubber band will give you an extra hand while you tie the jute.
Then remove the rubber band.

 OK this is my Dad's gift complete with jam-

 Here are a few other ideas for  things to do with the crate.
This vintage quart size berry box  fits
inside the crate.
I added a pair of vintage Strawberry S&P Shakers.
It can also hold a plant.


 Thank you for letting me share with you today!
xo Lisa S

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Make a Double Hanging Strawberry Basket

Hi Everyone!

I have been thinking about summer berries lately.

We had to cut back our beautiful blackberry bushes to put up a new fence.

They are coming back slowly but we won't have many berries this year.

I thought I might want to add some strawberries to the garden.

Let's make a hanging basket!

 You will need 2 of these hanging baskets.

These came from the Dollar Tree.

And 2 of these Coco Liners also from Dollar Tree.

I hope you have a Dollar Tree near you!

These single baskets were $8 at Home quit a savings!

I bought some strawberry plants at Home Depot.

These were the Sequoia variety.

I wasn't sure how many plants I would need......I decided on 6.


I will probably use 3 plants for the top basket and 3 plants for the lower basket.

If your plants are large go with less than 3 per basket.

 Strawberries don't like to be crowded, they need room to grow.

The plants will send out runners- new plants,

that you will be able to stick in another pot or basket!

You will need some heavy gauge wire and pliers.

Just 3 pieces about an inch or so....

Remove one of the top hanging hooks, so the chain pieces

are attached to the basket but not at the top.

This basket will be the one under the top basket.

Use pliers to attach chain ends to center ring.

Space as even as you can.

At this point you can hang your basket.

It will be much easier to plant your strawberries.

You can add your coco liners.



Fill the basket about half way with potting soil.

Remove your plants from their container.

Separate plants if possible, by gently pulling apart.

Do not break off the roots, just remove some of the dirt.

Plant top and bottom basket with strawberries and fill with more potting soil.

The plant 'crown' needs to be at soil level.

You can water the berries from top and let the water trickle down to the lower basket!

 I like to give my transplants Vitamin B mixed with water

 to prevent transplant shock.

It helps give the plants a good start.


Now hang your basket in full sun.....and wait!

I am so happy to maybe out smart some slugs....and I think the

chickens will not see the hanging strawberries!

xo Lisa S

Easy 4th of July Wreath

Hi Friends !   I hope you are doing well.    I am enjoying a break from our early heat wave !   I was working on this easy wre...