Sunday, January 22, 2023

Little bit of Valentine Decor


Hi Friends,

Just thought I would share today one of my favorite

things to collect.

I love old advertising tins!

Here's one you can be on the look-out for when thrifting.

OXO Bouillon Cubes

With great patina and red and black graphics.

It sits on it's side with a hinged lid.

When the tin sits flat,

the lid can be opened.

I added a candle.

Now it's a sweet little VALENTINE

for the kitchen.

Hugs and kisses!

oxo, Lisa S

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Vintage Needle Envelope Valentines

Hi Friend!

I wanted to share with you some Valentines.

I needed some needles the other day.

 I 'm not sure where they go but they do seem to disappear. 

In my sewing stash, I came across some needles in envelopes.

I usually keep them on my magnetic pin holder.

Instead of throwing the envelope out I thought I could do something with it.

The window in front makes a nice pocket frame.

Here is a postcard from my Ellen Clapsaddle collection.

 I would love to share with you! This sweet little boy was my inspiration.

First I scan and save my postcards.

Then you can print your picture to any size.

For my cut-outs I used printer paper.

I removed the needles.

I measured the inside space of envelope.

I used a piece of scrapbook paper folded in half.

Then fussy cut my boy from the background.

Did you know nail polish works just like paint ?

It can give dimensions to your art.

I added a ribbon pull tab.

Then glued same vintage lace scraps to the back.

When you pull the tab, 

your message will be hidden inside.

Another, with a similar insert.

I punched a hole in the top of the valentine 

and added a bit of lace.

The knot of lace stops at the top.

The 'flower' on the top is a 

book page circle crinkled with a button center.

Decorate as much or as little as you like.

The last one was a full size postcard printed on cardstock.

I used the sewing machine to stitch around the sides.

I liked the way it pulled in on the corners!

I saved this stamp off some junk mail I received-

The imperfect stitches make it unique!

Just a simple card,

the back has space to leave a love note!

Well, I just wanted to share these with you-

I hope you enjoyed your time here today.

Thank you!
xo Lisa S

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Top 10 MOST VIEWED 2022

Hi friends,

Happy New Year!

I hope you are doing well.

The flu has really been hitting hard around here.

I have been trying to get back into posting.

This week I took a look back over the past year.

I like to see my most popular or at least  most viewed projects.

Some were gifts and some were sold- and some I kept for now ;)

Starting here at


I loved making this, it was a keeper.

Patriotic Assemblage


Decoupage Suitcase

Another fun project.

My friend bought this and uses it in her jewelry business.


St. Patrick's Day Decor

Easy to make! I kept these too!


Summer Backyard Project

We love how our yard turned out and we will keep it this way.


Mod Podge Transfers

These were easy to make.

They went to the Craft Fair and sold.


Paper Bag Junk Journal

Made these to sell- but regret not keeping one!


Doily Junk Journal

Easy to make and very good sellers.


Velvet / Wool  Mushrooms

Just decided to take these to the Craft Fair

at Christmas time and they sold.


Repurposed Vintage Pillowcases

I loved making these. They were good sellers.

I am on the look out for more pillowcases and linens.

#1 most views

Vintage Books into Boxes

My favorite project of the year!

I kept these and made more.

They can be used for so many things!

I appreciate you so much !

I am so thankful for each visit.

Let me know if you made any of these

and if you have a favorite.

Since I am feeling better I promise to respond to comments :)

I look forward to 2023

Let's get together soon.

xo Lisa S

Saturday, December 24, 2022

It's Christmas, Ready or not !

                                                                         Hello my friends,

Well I ended up sick for over a month

 and I didn't do any decorating beyond the front porch.

Here we are and it's Christmas Eve !

I'm feeling better, but SO behind in life.

I'll share this postcard with you ;)

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

I hope you are well and able to be with friends and family.

Take care!

xo Lisa S

Friday, November 25, 2022

Starting on the Front Porch

Hi Friends,

I hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving!

Today was a little bit of cleaning 

and taking down the Christmas boxes.

I try my best to stay home

 on Black Friday just to get caught up !

I didn't get much done,

it was a beautiful day and I wanted to be outside.

The weather was wonderful and warm.

I cleared the leaves and cobwebs from the front porch.

I put up the wreaths on the front door to start.

Then found my old ice skates I like to hang

on an old sled.

I wanted to give them the look of snow-

Yes, it's 80 degrees here....

I know it's never going to happen.

I had some fake snow and glitter on hand- I went for the 

fake snow.

I just ran a line of glue on the blade.

Then added the snow.

I liked the look!

If you love glitter you could 

add a design or snowflake on the heel.

I looped the skates over the top of the sled.

I put the sled up against the wall.

Then added a garland, pinecones and a bit of white paint.

That was a good start.

Tomorrow we are having company

and I wanted the porch to look festive.

My family says No Christmas before Thanksgiving !

It was hard to wait :)

xo Lisa S

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Best Thanksgiving Wishes to you !

Hello My Friends,

I'm sharing another sweet postcard from artist Ellen Clapsaddle.

I love the fall colors in this card-

Feel free to save and share.

You mean so much to me!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
xo Lisa S


Monday, November 14, 2022

Snowman in the Nut Chopper ?


Hello Friends!

Last week was the last Flea Market for the year for us.

Time to get busy with other things....

This NUT CHOPPER was left over from our sale and I just decide

to give it another chance and repurpose it.

Now it's a Christmas item !

I had some 1/4''packing foam to use at the base of the jar.

It was easy to cut with scissors.

I had some bleached trees in my stash.

They just needed a dab of white paint

and some glitter.

When the lid was on tight, I put a piece of 

tape on the jar to mark the front.

I glued my homemade clay snowman in place.

Then added the trees.

Covered the foam base with loose glitter.

I cut a piece of foam to cover the blade and to 

keep anything from falling inside.

Then my Husband said- Too bad you can't put lights inside!

Well, I took out the foam and looked around for a tea light.

I was surprised it fit perfect!

I turned the tea light upside down

with the switch up.

I put the small piece of foam packing

back on to cover the top.

It can easily be pinched out to

 expose the on and off switch.

The small tea light puts off a lot of light.

And the handle can still turn- I liked that

Just for fun!

I have one last Craft Show this weekend,

I will be taking the nut chopper with me.

Update: This little cutie SOLD

Have a blessed day! 

xo Lisa S

Little bit of Valentine Decor

  Hi Friends, Just thought I would share today one of my favorite things to collect. I love old advertising tins! Here's one you can be ...