Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Paper Bag / Book Page Stars and Snowflakes

Hello my friend-

How have you been?

When it comes to decorating for Christmas,

I usually tear into all my boxes and make a huge mess all over

the entire house!

This year I'm trying my best to go 

nice and slow, cleaning as I go...

The tree is done so I moved to the mantle-

I wanted something different this year.

I have been seeing Paper Bag stars all over.

My friend Carol 

at The Answer is Chocolate shared last week -

Carol has easy to follow instructions.


 BETTER HOMES AND GARDEN December issue came!

I had to give it a try!

Extremely budget friendly-

 I found Lunch bags at the Dollar Tree

30 bags for $1.25

I went with a basic design.

I cut 8 bags per star.

As long as the bags are laying the same direction

You can glue either side.

I used hot glue, run a line of glue down the center.

Then across the base.


When the stars are open they are beautiful!

I wanted to try and make some stars

with book pages.

Pages were folded into thirds.

Glued down center and base.

I used scissors to cut an easy shape with triangle cuts

on the side folds.

I cut and cut-

I cut and cut and cut....I did not think I had a full

star until I made 25 pages!!!!

I used a paperclip to hold them open.

I love the look but It took so long to make!

I think I will stick with the lunch sacks!

They were so easy.

I used fishing line to hang the stars.

I put them up last night and them made a couple more

this morning.

I think I'm done-

I think I will be adding more as the days go by-

After the holidays, remove the paperclips

 and the stars will fold to close.

They can be used again.

Do you think I need more?

I'm so  glad we could be together today!

xo Lisa S

Friday, November 24, 2023

Vintage Button Trees

Hello my friend!

Thanks for stopping by-

I know I'm not alone when it comes to collecting buttons.

It just happens!

When I was a little girl, I loved playing in my Grandmas' jar of buttons.

So many unique shapes, colors and sizes.

Let's make some easy ornaments

using buttons.

Things you will need:

You will need a few buttons, about 12

in graduating sizes for the tree-

plus about 4 small buttons approximately

the same size as each other to be

the tree trunk base

1 piece of  24 to 26 gauge wire, 12'' folded in half


wire cutter/ pliers

Lay out your graduated buttons

Start at the base of the tree.

'thread' the button through the wire.

Continue up the trunk-

Begin your tree with the largest button

and work upward.

If your button has 4 holes-

thread wire across as shown.

Keep adding buttons

until you are happy with the height of your tree !

My trees are short and fat!

Tighten and twist a couple times using pliers.

Cut 1 wire, make a loop

with the other wire end .

Wrap the wire around the base over the cut wire.

Use pliers to tuck in sharp ends.


Now you have some ornaments to

hang or give as gifts-

Add ribbon if you like-

The trees were big hit at my craft show!

I hope you have a great week!!!

xo Lisa S

Note: I also made Snowmen- But I sold out

and only had one picture.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Make your own Victorian Paper Ornaments

Hello My Friend!

Today I wanted to share with you some

 easy to make ornaments.

These prints are generously supplied by The Graphic Fairy

Save and size to fit .

Things you may need-

small scissors for detail cutting

An Angel face cut-out with

card stock backing,

 cardboard cut out shape or Star Tree Topper

 Mod Podge, chenille stem /pipe cleaner, hot glue.

something fluffy- like yarn, tulle or feathers-

and glitter-

white glue for glitter

I pick up these small glass jars when I see them !

I love this yarn- I think it was from Michael's Crafts

It's called Glitter Eyelash-

I backed my print with cardstock.

Fussy-cut all the details of your angel.

On the back, bend a pipe cleaner/ chenille stem along the outer edge.

Attach to cut out using hot glue.

The chenille stem  gives some dimension to the ornament. 

Then I added a layer of fluffy yarn.

I like to show you the back side so you

can see what's going on-

I added some tulle behind the wings.

These plastic toppers are easy to find-

yes, I found these at Walmart yesterday!

You can paint or glitter to your liking.

I used mod Podge and glitter.

I try to confine my mess by sprinkling the glitter

inside a plastic shoebox.

Afterwards the extra glitter can go back in the canister.

Glue angel to the center of the star.

Here's the backside.

This angel was made the same as the other.

I took a glitter chenille stem and followed the curved

edges, then glued in place with hot glue.

The chenille stem give support to the delicate details.

This topper was already covered in a dark silver glitter

and I liked it-

These smaller ornaments below were just made

with card board from cereal boxes.

I cut them and covered both 

sides with Mod Podge and glitter.

I had these sepia colored angels in my paper stash.

I couldn't remember where they came from. 

I hope you enjoy these sparkly ornaments!

xo Lisa S


Paper Bag / Book Page Stars and Snowflakes

Hello my friend- How have you been? When it comes to decorating for Christmas, I usually tear into all my boxes and make a huge mess all ove...