Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Making Velvet / Wool Mushrooms


Hi Friends!

I was so inspired by Claire at Pillar Box Blue.

Claire's' Fabric Mushrooms are wonderful

but I ran out of time at Christmas.

She gives a great tutorial,

check out her beautiful creations !

I made my mushrooms a bit different.

I thought I would make mine for Valentine decoration-

Fungi for your Fun-Guys ...sorry really dumb joke ;)

I had some scraps of red wool and pink velvet.

For the stems, I used cotton batting.

My mushroom cap was a 3 1/2'' circle.

The underside of the cap is 1/2''

smaller than the outside.

Pinned together below just for show.

The pins will get in the way when stitching.

Roll a 1/2'' over to the underside of cap material.

Use a blind stitch to complete the circle.

I used some small clear glass seed beads for spots

on the caps.

I used embroidery thread on the underside.

Started in the center and continued around the edge.

Spacing is about a 1/4'' apart.

Ending in the center.

The knots will be covered by the stem.

For the stem, I cut a rectangle about 2'' wide by 3'' long.

Roll the width of rectangle and secure with fabric or hot glue.

Glue to center or cap.

My favorite glue is this Beacon 3-in-1 glue

I added a pinch of moss at the base.

I liked them just laying around-

I put some in an ivy topiary I have-

Then I glued a couple on top of a moss covered stump.

To You


From Me

If you liked these mushrooms, here's a link to my

Thank you for visiting today!

xo Lisa S

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Thrifted Find- Making Soap from a Kit

Hello my friends!

My husband and I went thrifting together,

looking for a new project.

Didn't find anything except this brand new Soap Kit.

It was only $2.00 so I picked it up.

The kit listed what was included to make 10 bars.

Let's see what's inside-


Two stamps for embossing the soap bars

A large amount of melt and pour soap blocks

The form to make the bars of soap

Two choices of powdered colorant,

pink and green

Honeysuckle scent in a squeeze bottle-

smells wonderful!

The kit also contained handmade botanical paper

and raffia to wrap the bars.

And a very short instruction sheet!

To start-

The stamp was put in the mold

The instructions were easy!

Each bar of soap would need 4 small cubes.

The soap was soft and cut easily with a kitchen knife.

Place the cubes in a microwavable- pourable container.

It melted at about 30 seconds.

I added a pinch of the colorant and a few drops of scent,

mixing well with a popsicle stick.

I made one bar at a time.

The soap set up fast!

Here is a bar with the embossing.

I wrapped each bar in plastic wrap.

I wrapped each bar with the paper and raffia from the kit.

There was more than enough.

The kit really made 10 bars! wow!

That was fun!

I have seen the slabs of melt and pour soap at the craft store

and I have plenty

of colorant and scent left over.....

If I buy another slab of soap

I will probably make more.

I would love to make REAL soap someday

but I am nervous about working with chemicals like lye.

So I would recommend making soap this way-


These will be perfect for my Valentines :)

xo, Lisa S

Monday, January 3, 2022

Decoupage Suitcase

Hello my friend,

January is traditionally a time for 

getting organized.

My definition of organizing:

Putting things inside other things!

I just love old suitcases.

 They are great for storage.

This off -white train case was given to me by a friend.

It add some issues but the latch worked and the inside was nice.

I thought I could improve the case with decoupage.

I have these vintage photographs of Paris.

I scanned my pictures and saved to my computer.

You can use my photos.

Save or Pin for later

And this page too!

Copy on plain paper and cut apart leaving a 1/4'' white border.

I have these great scissors that make a crinkle edge.

To cover the case, I used Matte Mod Podge and a brush

along with

book pages for the background.

After the background was dry,

I glued down the photos randomly.

I used all 10 photos.

Then I went over the top of all the decoupage areas

with a thin top coat of Mod Podge.

I tied some ribbon and lace to the handle.

The interior is pink and in good shape. The mirror was intact.

I reattached the ribbon using a 1 1/2'' key ring.

Then I added a single vintage clip-on earring.

I put the case in our guest room for now.

It was a perfect rainy day project.

Thanks for visiting today!

xo Lisa S

Here's another suitcase that I painted

with chalk paint

Making Velvet / Wool Mushrooms

  Hi Friends! I was so inspired by Claire at Pillar Box Blue. Claire's'  Fabric Mushrooms  are wonderful but I ran out of time at Ch...