Monday, August 13, 2018

Industrial Farmhouse Stenciled Bar Stools

I have had these two Bar Stools for a long time. We don't have a
place to put them in the house but they do fit as extra seating
in the GARAGE. If you know me, you know.... we are always in the Garage.

Neighbors know if the garage door is open come on in.

 That is were I work on my craft projects.

I have my Dad's antique Oak Drafting Table and I love it! It has plenty of room.

The stools are in good shape, but a bit plain. The tops an inset of Masonite.
I was doing another project when I noticed these stencils are the perfect size
for the top of the stools.  I wanted to use two different stencils on the stools.
I used this stencil on the first stool. 

Cathe Holden Inspired Barn Stencils 
CH 008-12 x 12
I used Black Acrylic paint and a stencil brush
Center stencil, measure and tape in place.
 Start center and work to the outside.
Double check that nothing was missed.
Remove stencil.
Love it ! 
 I used this stencil on the second stool.
CH005- 12 x 12 


Center stencil, measure and tape in place. 
 Dry brush Tip : Paint should look dull, if the paint has a shine it's too wet.

 Finished !

Remove stencil and clean stencil with warm water and soap.
I used a clear matte sealer to protect the stencil. 
I really LOVE how they turned out. 
 Thanks for stopping by !
I hope you are having a wonderful day.
xo Lisa S

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Valet from Thrifted Serving Set

Gentlemen's Valet, also called Clothes Valet, valet stand and suit stand,
 is an item of furniture on which clothes, particularly men's suits, may be hung.
 Also know as the bedroom treadmill.  Typical features
of valets include trouser hangers, jacket hangers, shoe bars, and a tray organizer for 
miscellaneous, day-to-day objects like wallets and keys. Some also feature jewelry boxes.
In the United States, the term is frequently used to refer to a non-freestanding cabinet or tray for
holding small personal items such as watches, cuff links, keys, or a cell phone.
In this sense, it is a place to ''dump your pockets''. 
Generally Men are hard to buy gifts for, but I think a tray is a practical way
 to keep organized.

I found these wood serving trays at the Thrift Shop.

The small one was .69
The large tray was .99
I decided to paint both dishes with white chalk paint.
Distressed with sandpaper, and wipe with a soft cloth.
I thought I would use this stencil
Cathe Holden's Inspired Barn Stencils
The large monogram from the 12 x 12 stencil.
Tape in place and stencil with a dry brush using black acrylic paint.

 I used the 6 x 6 stencil on the small dish.

Tape in place.

The smaller stencil fit nicely in the tray.
Up and down motion and a dry brush. 

 Remove tape and gently wash stencil with soap and water.

Used clear wax on all sides to protect stencil and seal .

A place for keys or change on your side table.
 For the Bedroom or Bathroom.
I painted a wood Trouser Hanger to make a gift set!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
xo Lisa S

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Easy Gratitude Script Napkin Pillow

This Pillow will take about 15 minutes to complete !

Gratitude is so much more than thanks.
 It always includes blessing, sharing, grace and gathering—all of which is expressed here, on
this script-printed cotton-linen napkin from PIER 1
 A simple way to greet the Fall season and to enjoy everyday!
This beautiful napkin was originally available at Thanksgiving. It is so popular that Pier 1
 has been keeping in in stock year round. I leave my pillow out all the time.

Napkins are perfect to repurpose into pillows and these already have a decorative edge.
 I think it has a farmhouse
 feel and coordinates nicely with other colors and styles.
Don't we all need to be reminded to have a grateful
heart at all times.
 The napkin sentiments are gratitude, thanks, blessings, grace, and gathering.
  • Natural
  • 20"W x 20"D
  • Cotton, linen
  • Machine-wash gentle cycle
  • Imported
                      The napkin has a lovely black crocheted edge. We want to see the edges
                            so we will be sewing  our seams on the front sides of the napkins.
2 Napkins
18'' Pillow Form or
Poly Fiberfil Stuffing

off- white thread
sewing machine or fabric glue


Two napkins, unfold and iron out the fold lines. 

Lay out your napkins with right sides out and make sure the
writing is the same direction on both sides.

Pin edges together, you will be following the seam that already exists.
Sew three sides, fill with Poly Fiberfil or pillow form and top stitch
the last seam with sewing machine.

Remove pins you're finished.

I  have it here with a Drop Cloth Pillow that I made so you can see the color.

 I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy pillow project.
Let me know in the comments or just say HELLO!
xo Lisa S

Monday, August 6, 2018

Stenciled Wood Hangers to Display Artwork


I was able to get a dozen wood hangers at the Thrift Store
for $1.99

 I decided to stencil the hangers. I used these stencils.
Cathe Holden's Inspired Barn Stencils

 CH 011   6 X 6
CH 014    6 X 6

I used Gold and Black Acrylic paint.

And I used White chalk paint on one of the hangers.

Tape stencil to hanger, you can block off the parts of the stencil that you
do not want to use with paper or tape.
Make sure you do not overload the brush with paint.
 I used a plastic tray to dab most of the paint off.

Another quick and easy craft-
I am happy with how they turned out.
I plan to use the hangers to showcase some artwork.

How about hanging an apron?

You could still use these in your closet for skirts, pants or scarves.

 Thank you for "hanging" out with me today!
xo Lisa S

Industrial Farmhouse Stenciled Bar Stools

          I have had these two Bar Stools for a long time. We don't have a   place to put them in the house but they do...