Tuesday, June 19, 2018

How To Make An Altered Book - Gardening File


This Better Homes and Garden Book is the perfect size for this project.
The Book measures 10'' H x 8'' W x 2 1/2'' D.
It is the one with the notebook binder center.
There are other books in this series, a Cookbook and a DIY Handbook.

These are very common at used book sales and thrift shops if you are looking for one.
An accordion style file -6 1/2'' H x 9 3/4''W x 2 1/2'' D
I found mine at the Thrift Store, but I see them online and at some
stationery stores.
I used Dollar Tree Washi Tape to cover edges and areas that were warn.
Optional Stickers- mine were from Dollar Tree
You need about 24'' of Ribbon  scrap or Dollar Tree
I used TACKY GLUE also from Dollar Tree in 3 oz.
You will be removing the binder !
Cover the edges and binding of the book with your Washi Tape for a finished look.
Glue the ribbon to the outside center of the file first.
Then glue the file inside the book cover, do not glue the bottom of the
file to the binding. You will want it to open and bend freely.
Add your stickers if you like.
Make sure it is centered.
Close the book and stack a few books on top for added weight,
and allow to dry.


Your file will be a good way
 to save gardening information, future DIY projects,
veggie recipes, favorite garden pictures,
seed packets or gardening month to month TO-DO lists.
It can lay flat.

It can stand on its' side

or it can sit flat.


I love the bright and cheery artwork cover on this vintage book.

On the shelf it just looks like a book. The ribbon will
keep it closed, nice, neat and organized.
I hope you liked this project.
xo Lisa S


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Vintage Patriotic Postcards



                                     I wanted to share these beautiful examples of Artist

Ellen H. Clapsaddle (1865-1934)

   Ellen was an American illustrator/ commercial artist
 in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  Her style is easily recognizable and greatly admired.
           She is known as the most prolific souvenir/postcard and greeting card artist of her era.

My favorites include the adorable children's faces that are in

most of the illustrations.    


  *If you like these postcards I have more Holiday cards to share in my
sidebar under- PRINTABLES 

These Post Cards can be saved to your computer and used for craft projects.
You can print these on card stock,and trim them to size.
 Save a used TEA BAG,
squeeze most of the liquid out of the bag and gently rub around the edges to AGE your card.
 How to make wire holders for your vintage salt shakers:
Any shakers you may have around the house

some wire and cutters 

 Twist and loop twice at top to hold card or photo.
Cut to desired height.

 Use a postcard.

And you can add this to any Holiday Display!
I hope you enjoy these Patriotic Printables.

Have a wonderful Holiday! xo Lisa S

Monday, June 11, 2018

Repurposed Curbside Find

About a month ago I found this Solid Oak Pressed Back Chair
marked FREE out at the neighbors curb. Evidently it was a leftover
from their Garage Sale that I had missed earlier in the day.

It was in pretty good shape for it's age. I thought I might paint it.
Well it did not happen, I noticed some small wood beetle holes on the back legs.
I decided to take it apart and save the good pieces and throw away the bad.
In case I needed the pieces for another project.
The chair was easy to dismantle. The only thing I needed was a Philips screwdriver
to remove the back to seat supports. Save these ! They are expensive to replace
and many times you will find these broken.
I also needed a Rubber Mallet.
Most antique chairs are made so well there are no nails or glue.
Using the mallet you can loosen the joints of the chair
and not damage the wood.

I ended up with some nice pieces and just a couple that I could not keep.
This is the part where I tried to get creative.
I used the pressed back pieces to make two different projects.
I painted both pieces with white Chalk Paint, 
 then I used a damp lint free cloth to distress both pieces.
Carefully wiping where you want to remove some paint.
The dark stain from the chair will show through.
After the paint is dry, you can seal the wood with a light coat of wax
using a clean brush and circular motions.
The first one when flipped upside down already had an opening

that fit my business cards perfectly!
I think I will use this at the next flea market.
For the other painted piece, I needed wire and

I needed an old nail. I added it where I wanted it for hanging the bottle vase.

I drilled two holes at the top and made a wire hanger.

I used an old olive oil bottle I saved because of it's shape.
Twisted wire around top to hang off nail.

Make loop in back and twist to the front.

Hang on nail.

                                                   Add some water and fresh flowers

I wanted to have the bottle vase removable so it can
                                            be washed out or filled with water when needed.

Tell me what you think.


I was also able to fix this little Thrift Store Children's Chair with one
of the scrap pieces.

 This little chair only cost $2.00, probably
 because it was missing a spindle
I used stainable wood putty to fill in the cracks !
Easy Fix !

Cute as can be-

I appreciate you all SO MUCH !
Thank you for visiting, please leave a message and say HELLO!
I hope you have a wonderful week !
xo Lisa S

Monday, June 4, 2018

Repurposed Garden Tool Caddy

                        Sometimes..... well most of the times that I go THRIFT SHOPPING

                                                              I do not have a plan.

                             Well what I mean is that I am not looking for something specific,

                                        but when I see it I know that I need to bring it home.

                             I was not looking for another stenciling project but there it was !

                         I saw this little caddy and thought it would be a fun little project this week.

                               It was in pretty good shape. It needed to be nailed in a few places.

                                            There were little leaves stamped all the way around. 

                                                          I was able to sand those off easily.

                                  I liked the natural look and the black stains were fine with me.

                                          I sanded the rough spots and wiped off the dust.

                                               I decided to stencil the front and back sides.

                               I wanted to give the caddy an aged Vintage Seed Box look.

For the stenciling I used  Acrylic craft paint in BURNT UMBER

along with a stencil brush.

I used a stencil that I had. 
I taped the stencil in place.
 Use a stencil brush with the dry brush method which just means very little
 paint and with an up and down motion.
I stenciled on the raw wood.

If you plan to stencil on dark wood I would use black or white paint instead.

Here is the stenciled side.

After the paint has completely dried
I came back over the raw wood with a soft cloth and
Mineral Oil.
I recommend the food grade oil so you will have it for other projects if you need it.
You can find it at the Pharmacy in the Laxative section.
* Remember we used it on Rolling Pins and Cutting Boards a few weeks ago.
The Mineral oil will not go rancid like some other oils.
 It will give the raw wood a beautiful finish
without darkening the wood.
Of course this part is optional, but this is the finish that I used.

The oil absorbs nicely
I oiled all sides


It ended up with just the look I was after.

I think for now it will be used in the Kitchen.
I would love to have you comment, let me know what you think.
Thank you for visiting!
xo Lisa S

How To Make An Altered Book - Gardening File

      This Better Homes and Garden Book is the perfect size for this project.   The Book measures 10'' H x 8'...