Friday, July 23, 2021

Christmas in July- Stenciled Rusty Saw Sign

 Hi Everyone!

The weather is beautiful here in California.

The garage sale season is going strong, and we don't

have to wear masks outside....for now!

I found these FREEBIE hand saws.

I'm so excited!

I have wanted to make a  Christmas sign ever since I first saw one

made by Donna at Funky Junk Interiors

Her stencils are amazing!

Check it out!


I had this stencil 


and thought it would work well-

It was a gift from my son.

I just went with white paint- it shows well on the rusty metal.

Later I sealed the paint with

this sealer.

Don't let the sign fool you!

We are at sea level and it's 88 degrees today :)

I have all kinds of rusty tools hanging on my fence-

I like how they turned out!

It feels good to get that project off my workbench.

Thank you for visiting !

xo Lisa S

Sunday, July 18, 2021

How to Make a Paper Snippet Roll

Hi my friends!

Did you have a nice weekend ?

I hope you were able to get out and enjoy some


Oh my goodness!

We are back to wearing masks inside again.

To take my mind off of the silliness of California-

I'm sharing a little scrap project today-

After I have been making cards or  a junk journal,

I have many scraps of paper left over. 

A snippet roll would be a last effort to use up small pieces of paper.

I always keep a box or tray to corral

all the little bits.

The base of the roll can be anything. I used book pages cut to 2'' wide.

I just start gluing one piece on top of another, as you would 

for collage.

There is no right or wrong placement.

My strip was about 45'' and then I stopped.

I decides to run the roll through the sewing machine,

because I used a lot of card stock.

Here is a few close ups-

I cut a paper towel tube and glued circles on the ends

to make spools.

I used washi tape to attach to roll-

Both sides are interesting!

Add a bit of twine to secure.

Here's anther roll that was not sewn.

You can hang your snippets on a hanger,

I put these strips on a spool.

When you want to use a piece just tear it off the roll!

If you use a piece in the middle just glue the ends back together,

I used some antique lace-

and netting-

                                                                                     as a base for a tag.

You can have the paper snippet roll ready for when you need to add a little collage

to something you are working on -

In a journal you can work horizontal or vertical.

Glue on edges or pockets.

Use as gift wrap or ribbon.

Make your snippet roll in different colors or themes.

Use cloth and ribbon scraps-

add buttons and charms!

I made this birthday card using a bit of snippet with

a few collage pictures.

I used a simplicity pattern from the 70's and a picture from a children's book.

Here are some rolls in my cubby !

If you make a journal as a gift wouldn't it

 be nice to also give a snippet roll to match?

I recommend this project if you need a little help to clean up your craft area!

I was so happy to organize my desk for now :)

Thank you!

XO Lisa S

Monday, July 12, 2021

A Simple Summer Party Centerpiece

 Hi friends!

The past two days have been busy 

and filled with mixed emotions.

We had two separate services for 

friends that have passed.

Then a combination Birthday and Retirement 

Celebration !

This is the centerpiece we used at the Retirement Party.

I wanted to share it with you-

We ate in the backyard and each table had an arrangement.

So simple, but elegant and easy to create

You just need a Mason Jar, tape, gold paint and some flowers.

I used Apple Barrel Acrylic paint- Pure Gold.

Start with first coat, let dry. then the second coat will 

have something to grab onto.

Remove tape, add flowers.

Easy to transport.

Beautiful for any occasion!

Have a lovely week!

XO Lisa S

Monday, June 28, 2021

Altered Cookbook with Better Homes and Garden Binder

Hi my friends!

Last week while thrifting, I found this vintage apron 

that went so well with a cookbook

that I am altering.

I planned to remake the cookbook with lots of pockets

and places to save favorite family recipes.

I needed to start with some retro kitchen themed paper.

I feel in love with

Country Kitchen 

from  Carta Bella

Here's the link for the paper!

Look at this adorable sticker page!

It comes with the set.

       First I cleaned the cover thoroughly-

The book was in good shape but faded on the spine-

I was  able to fix this with my distressed ink pad.

Then I removed all the pages from the cookbook. Then I decided

which ones I would keep and which ones I would alter.

I was able to keep all the dividers to alter.

I went through my papers and scraps and worked out a plan.

I used one of the dividers as a template for my added pages.

I used a small hand held paper punch, scissors and some glue.

The inside cover has a pocket and all the divided

sections also  have a pocket.

I used some of the best pictures from the cookbook.

Like this Angel food cake with pink frosting!

I added a vintage Westinghouse Electric Range brochure-

That was a small sampling of the pages.

I didn't want to pack it too full !

There is room to grow.

Thanks for visiting today-

Maybe I inspired you to make a one-of-a-kind cookbook.

On Sale for a limited time-
*free shipping in USA
* PLUS  it will come with the Apron in the picture

Contact me through email if interested

I hope you have a wonderful week!

xo Lisa S

Christmas in July- Stenciled Rusty Saw Sign

 Hi Everyone! The weather is beautiful here in California. The garage sale season is going strong, and we don't have to wear masks outsi...