Saturday, March 17, 2018

How to Paint a Vintage Suitcase


The title of this post sounds like I HAVE GONE CRAZY !
Usually  I am not the one who runs around painting everything.
One of my favorite things about VINTAGE is the old, worn and cracking patina.
I love the earth tones and warm colors of the past. I have quite a few pieces
of  vintage luggage, but there is always room for more. I can justify a purchase because
they can be SO useful for hiding I mean organizing.
I was helping a friend with a garage sale and she was throwing away a TRAIN CASE.
              She had been storing makeup...old make up...Avon makeup for YEARS in this case.  
You can probably imagine the smell.
 I was surprised that the smell did not linger. But sorry, in my opinion it was
an UGLY color. Since she was going to toss it I thought I could give chalk painting a try.

 I cut off the leather straps with scissors on removed the tray.

I gave it a good cleaning with Simple Green and a Magic Eraser.
You can use your favorite cleaner as long as you chose one that doesn't need rinsing.
I have found that leaving a Dryer Sheet inside helps with the musty smell.

I used Parisian Grey chalk paint and started on the inside first and let dry.
 It covered beautifully, with one coat.
I covered everything including the hardware.
A light sanding for a smooth finish, and used clear wax with a soft lint free
cloth to seal.

I was really happy  how it turned out.
I hope you will be able to find a  piece of luggage that will fit your color scheme, but if not give some paint a try. Suitcases are a great way to add some height and dimension to your home décor.
I love use the suitcases for display at my Craft Boutiques.

At my house they are up high....

....AND down low

I have an area under the counter were I used suitcase for extra storage.

Some are decoupaged with vintage looking wrapping paper scraps

One had some spots of wear and tear so I made color photo copies
of vintage map covers and travel stickers and used MOD PODGE
to  put them on the outside of the case.

I decided for now to leave it on top of a bedroom cabinet.

It is a little harder to find cases that are affordable, but maybe I
inspired you to fix one up that you my have otherwise have past over.
Happy Hunting! xoLisaS


Tuesday, March 13, 2018



      As you may know our family has enjoyed raising chickens for quite some time now,  so we

     are used to having eggs around. I have noticed that eggs have definitely become part of the

FARMHOUSE look. I  found this basket filled to the top with solid wood eggs at the  Good Will

                            Thrift Store.   I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit.


        I decided to use White Chalk Paint on      
                                   EVERYTHING  !                                      

                                                  Earlier I had purchased a coco liner from

                the DOLLAR TREE. It fit it the basket and I use hot glue to hold in place.


 I was happy with the way it came together. In the future I may decide to plant flowers in the basket.
And then-

         I found these plastic eggs at the 99cent store. They are made for painting and do not open.

      I bought 2 pkgs. They look so real, I left one pkg. as is. That is what I have in the first picture

                                                                  of  the  eggs in the box.

                                                       The other pkg. I decided to paint.

                                                      The Moss is from the Dollar Tree.

                                       Some of the eggs I painted with Black Chalkboard Paint.


                                          Some of the eggs I painted Robins' egg blue.
      I may add speckles, using an old toothbrush and a bit of paint flicking with your thumbnail.

Some of the eggs I used matte Mod Podge and small pieces of Dictionary pages.
You can cut out favorite pictures for top layer.
 I also used Mod Podge and scrapes of  tissue paper
from vintage dress pattern.
Just keep layering until you like the look and color.


                                                         This was my favorite.

             I hope I gave you some inspiration for adding eggs to your décor. xoLisaS

Saturday, March 10, 2018


One of my most viewed posts has been, How to paint BUFFALO CHECK PLAID on
Mason Jars in the Black and White. Always a good choice for FARMHOUSE décor. I love it year round. I thought it might be fun to show
you how the technique can be used to paint ANY color. Wouldn't it be great to be able to
change up your table or shelf with just a couple of recycled jars.
Just think about how many times a color change would be needed.
Baby showers, Birthday parties, Your kid's Team Colors !
Great combinations too !
My inspiration came from this Welcome sign I bought at the Dollar Tree.
I thought it would be nice to have some vases for SPRING.
The technique is the same as with the Black and White.
You will need White paint, Chalk or acrylic
A 1'' brush to paint the stripes
A  small square or flat brush to paint small square of  darker color
Wax is optional, gives a nice sheen and protects paint

Paint the outside of Jar white , I put one hand inside the jar and paint with the other, open side down

Pick a color for your stripes, the lighter color.
Pick a darker shade for your accent color.

I  only had one container of yellow paint, so I add WHITE to make my stripe color.
                          The darker color will be my color painted on the cross over stripes.


I  used two different colors, light green and Hunter green.
The lighter green will be the stripes, the darker color will be the accent.

I used two different colors, light pink and mauve.
The darker color is the accent color
I used two colors, light blue and country blue.
The darker color is the accent color.

Stripes are painted first, about 1 '' wide from top to bottom. You will have approx. 5
vertical stripes.
I am showing you grey but this will be the lighter of the two colors you are using.
Next your horizontal stripes, one below the jar lip. One at the bottom of jar,
one in the middle.

                         Where the stripes cross, that is where you paint the accent color.

After the jar dries you can cover with a thin layer of clear wax.
I added a bit of jute round the neck of the jar. Maybe you prefer lace.

I hope this doesn't sound to complicated. It is simple, and the most unusual optical illusion occurs!
                      Your friends and family will be surprised it is not fabric. Let me know if you
            have any questions or share with me what color combinations you came up with.

Thanks for visiting ! xoLisaS

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How to make BLESSED Family fingerprint Shamrocks

We are blessed !
       Here is an easy craft for the whole family. A personalized picture to remind you how truly BLESSED you really are, using the fingerprints of those you love.

You will need: 1 piece of paper from printer
                         a green ink stamp pad
                         1 pencil, 1 green pen or colored pencil
                         1 frame of your choice- I used 4''x 6''
                         some little hands!

 I used my computer to print -blessed. I went to note pad and using Segoe Script font at 72 printed the word blessed.                                                   

You will need to decide what size frame you will be using. You will have to decide how many shamrocks you will want to make. There are endless ways you could do this. Each family member could make 1 shamrock or 1 shamrock with many different finger prints. I did 1 shamrock per person.
Use a pencil and lightly draw were you want your leaves to be. The leaves resemble a heart shape.

Lightly drawn, and can be erased later

Using a green ink pad, put finger prints one at a time inside the heart shape.
Use a green marker or colored pencil for the stem.
You may want to write the family members names under the shamrock.
Let completely dry, erase pencil marks and frame.
A sweet and special memory for your family.
Thank you for stopping by-

Friday, March 2, 2018

How to repurpose wood blocks into Farmhouse EASTER DECOR

                  Once again I was back at the Dollar Tree and found another idea to share with you.
I found these blocks in the TOY section, but by all means if you have some blocks at home use them.
I wanted my blocks to be used for Easter. I was happy to find the blocks are a set of 9.
                                              Just the right amount for '' HE IS RISEN''.

                                                         You will only need 1 set of blocks.
If you want to paint a different saying just count out how many letters you need adding blank blocks
                                                               between words if needed.

You will need :  sand paper or sanding block
                          Chalk paint or acrylic paint - I used white 
                        ( chalk paint is a bit thicker but acrylic is fine)
                          Paint brush
                         Sharpie permanent marker- I used black
                         1'' stencil or  size 48 font or  Free Hand ! I prefer free hand
                           a pencil

       The blocks are printed, but the letters are NOT raised. The paint will cover existing letters.
             You will paint all sides and let dry. Give another coat if letters show through.

               Use a pencil to stencil or draw your letters on to the blocks. Fill in with your Sharpie.


Don't worry if it is not perfect, we are going to lightly sand the blocks when we are finished.
                           If you like you can sand the edges as well as the letters. I did because I like
                    everything to look OLD, I mean aged, I mean VINTAGE.
   I hope you like this easy craft project. Please let me know if you made a set for your home.


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How to Paint a Vintage Suitcase

        The title of this post sounds like I HAVE GONE CRAZY !   Usually  I am not the one who runs around painting ever...