Saturday, August 28, 2021

Making a Retro Paint or Pencil Tin

Hello my friends!

The back to school items are starting to fill the stores

It is easy to find pencil boxes right now-

I found these at the Dollar Tree.

I also found these tins shown below, at Dollar Tree.

 filled with drawing pencils and a sharpener. 

You can use my picture or use your own.

Print and trim to fit your tin.

Click on picture and save :)

The picture has a 3D effect.

I used Matte Mod Podge and a small brush.

I started in the center and worked my way out.

Pressing down at the indentations.

After the label is dry, put another layer of Mod Podge over the

entire label and wipe edges clean.

That's it!

I just thought it was a fun thing to make.

I love the graphics.

Here is the new tin along with some of my old art tins.

Great place to stash bits of this and that-

I really appreciate your visit today!

Thank you so much-

Have a great week and stop by again- Okay?

xo Lisa S

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Faux Sea Glass Trinket Bottle and Votives

Hello my friends! 

Do you love the frosted look and colors

of sea glass like I do ?

My son brought back a huge jar full of sea glass

from a trip to

Northern California.

You can buy it manufactured but it is so fun to

collect it at the beach.

As a junk collector myself,

 I see the beauty in what is

essentially  broken bottle trash being

 tumbled and smoothed by the waves.

I see a bit of Biblical teaching there!

Here's a quick idea for adding a bit of

 Beachy Vibe to your decor-

A friend gave me a bunch of these spice jars a while back and I made these

decoupage jars for Spring

Well I found one more!

I love the square shape with flat sides.

I have also been saving these jars.

They came from OUI Yogurt.

It's pretty good yogurt too.

I used about a Tablespoon of Mod Podge

mixed with less-than-a-drop each of

green and blue food coloring.

Paint the jar with a thin coat of mixture.

Adjust the color to your liking-

Add more layers until you are happy with the color.

I was working on a hot day and it dried almost too fast!

I had this large shell and I attached it to the cork 

using hot glue- 

Then added a bit of glitter!

For the label, I used this MERMAID PEARLS button card.

I scanned it and shrunk the card to fit my bottle-

2'' x 3'' or wallet size photo.

I filled the bottle with seashells and

Mother of Pearl buttons and a bit of glitter.

Then added ribbon.

Add some trinkets from vacation-

I sewed some buttons on the ribbon.

Just keep the outside dry.

We visit the beach often-

It's my happy place :)

Have a wonderful week and take care-

xo Lisa S

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Trash to Treasure- Doll Bed into Shelf

 Hi Friends,

This was a true trash find !

I saw it sticking out of a dumpster-

originally I just wanted the wood casters.

After I got it home , I realized the bed was not broken and in great shape.

The little crib would make a perfect

Cat Bed-

My husband reminded me -

we don't have a cat  ;)

so I decided to make a book shelf.

There was an adorable bunny decal on the side, but it was in bad shape.

I planned to paint the bed but leave the decal if possible.

I remembered that if you cover an area with VASELINE-

The paint will not adhere to that area.

I used a paint brush to cover the decal.

When my neighbor moved, she gave me her collection of spray paint-


Thanks to Tina!

The sides have hardware to raise and lower the side.

Here's a tip-

If you don't want to get paint on a certain area,

and it can't be taped off-

Cover with Vaseline!

Paint will not stick to the Vaseline.

Here's the decal covered in

After the paint is dry,

wipe off the Vaseline carefully

with a paper towel.

It worked beautifully!

I put the side down and

added some books.

Now it's a shelf!

I put some of my

 plastic nursery rhyme hangers on the bottom rung.

It can be taken off the wall and still used

as a bed in the future.

Thank you

for visiting with me !

xo Lisa S


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