Friday, December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas

A sweet little vintage postcard from me to you! 
Merry Christmas!
xo Lisa S

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

DIY Birch Tree Top Star

Hi Friends,

To make a Birch- Tree Top Star-

You need 5 small diameter, Birch cuttings or twigs about 12 '' long.

All 5 pieces need to be about the same size.

Lay 2 pieces on a flat surface with ends together in a '' V '' shape.

We used small nails, but you can use your glue gun.

Place another twig from the bottom edge to cross over to the middle.

If you have trouble with the shape, draw your star on paper and make a pattern.

Cross branches over the top of pattern.

I went a little crazy and hung the stars all over the house....and even outside.

Tell me what you think.


On top of the Hutch

On the Mantle

On the Patio

In an old box full of Shiny- Brite Ornaments!

I had a lot of these twigs and made quite a few.

Each one unique.

xo Lisa S

Thursday, December 7, 2017

How to make a Cotton Boll Wreath

I know everyone has seen stems of Cotton Bolls in every farmhouse décor picture.
 I thought I would change it up a bit and make a wreath.

      You really don't need a DIY step by step instruction for this project. It is amazingly simple.

You need about 5 stems for a 12'' wreath.
The stems I used were fake and attached to wire
that was covered in brown floral tape. I had these at my Boutique.
 I have more available for $3.00 a stem.
You can also get them from Hobby Lobby, but they cost more.
Use pliers to cut the stems into separate pieces 3'' to 5'' long.
12'' wreath
I used just a thin base of grape vines from the yard, and dried.
The brown floral tape will match the color of the wreath.
Start by using the wired cotton to wrap around the thickness of the wreath
Continue around the circle until it is filled to your liking.
The wire will hold everything in place or you can use a hot glue gun if you wish.
See... super easy.
The hard part was deciding were to hang it!
Thank you so much for visiting today!
xo Lisa S

Saturday, November 25, 2017

DIY Clothespin Snowflake Ornaments

Here's an easy craft.
                               You can make these as  ornaments or use to clip on to packages,

                                                           wreaths, garland or just about anything!

To start you will need some clothes pins....go look in your LAUNDRY ROOM first....
then stop by the store if needed.

                                                         The Dollar Tree has clothespins.

                                                           They come 36 to a pack.

                                           You will need 9 clothespins per snowflake,

                                      because 1 is used on the back so it can clip to the tree.

                  You will also need glue. I used wood glue, but you can use hot glue if you prefer.


You will be able to make 4 snowflakes with 1 pkg.
Go ahead and gently twist 8 pins apart.

You will glue the smooth sides together.
Glue 4 to make an X add 4 more. Last pin will be centered on back side.
Allow to dry. Leave natural or paint white, add glitter if you like. 
 I did not show that step. Be creative.
 I use one as a Tree Topper on my small trees.
So you can make 4 snowflakes for $1 
Finished size approx. 6 1/2'' x 6'' 
Update: For Christmas 2018
I made some star/snowflake clips
These were from the Dollar Tree.
Take apart just like the large clothespins.
Glue together with Tacky or white glue.
If you add a clothespin to the back,
you will be able to clip these on to anything.

I used white acrylic paint and white crystal glitter on this one
and clipped it to the top of this bottle brush tree.

clipped to a package.
Mini : Finished size approx.  2 1/2'' x 2''
Hope you enjoyed this quick craft.
xo Lisa S

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November18 & 19 Boutique is almost here !

You are invited to the next Boutique.

650 Cypress St. Newbury Park

Sat. Nov.18         9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sun. Nov. 19      1: 00 pm- 5:00 pm
About 15 vendors with a wide variety of unique handmade items.

Free coffee and popcorn while you shop from room to room.

Kids are welcome but sorry no room for strollers.

You won't believe all that will be packed in this event.

If you do stop by I will have completely different goodies like these !
Thanks, XO LisaS

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Boutique Today and Tomorrow

Just on update on what's happening this weekend !!!! Stop by and say hello.......
                                Thank you to my friends who came Friday night !!!! xo LisaS

 Saturday, the church will have Chili ! I have heard it is amazing and they sell out fast.
Today was wonderful and THANKS to everyone who stopped by. I really enjoyed getting
to catch up with friends. If you came by you would have seen the empty I will be
working on some new projects tonight....we will see how much I get done.
I have some ideas, I will post by tomorrow. Hope to see you Sunday ! xoLisaS

Last update for the weekend!
Sunday was another great day. What a busy time. We had such a nice crowd all day long.
Since I ran out of inventory.....I made some ornaments last night.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Succulents in Tool Caddy

We had 10 Succulent Planters made from old redwood fencing at the Boutique,
 but I forgot to post a picture.

  All but 1 sold. I will bring that one to the next Boutique on Friday.

They were made to look like a tool caddy. I filled them with an assortment of succulents from my garden. The Tool Caddy with succulents is $10  Thank you, Sold out.

                                                  Some were about to bloom and so pretty. 
A big thank you to everyone who stopped by at our
Craft Boutique on Saturday!!!
If you missed it, the next event starts this Friday evening and goes through Sunday.
Please check my Calendar of Events in search this blog.
Everyone of you mean so much to me and I appreciate your encouragement!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Jewelry with repurposed game pieces

Here are some jewelry pieces I'd like to share.
These earrings and necklaces are made from all kinds of game pieces. I have used Monopoly,
Scrabble, Bingo, Clue and Parcheesi. Once in a while I find old Cracker Jack Toys.
Each necklace has an added jewel. I have all letters available and jewel color can be changed.
Chains are 18''

The charm bracelet is a combination of different games.  Thank you ! xoLisaS
The bracelet is SOLD


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Tiered Tray with repurposed vintage pieces for farmhouse decor

This would be great for the kitchen. It would
 be a good start for that coffee station you
 always wanted.

The handle is an antique rolling pin. It is sturdy.
It is food safe.

I will be posting more trays but each one is very
Easy to clean, wipe down or washing by hand
is recommended.

This tray will be at the craft show and will
be priced at $30.00
Thank you,

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mini Paper Mache Snowmen

 Here are the mini snowmen. These are only 1'' tall. Some have acorn snow caps and twig arms.

      Some are hugging couples. There are some families available. I will take special orders.

                   Each one handmade by me and that means no two look exactly the same.

                                                   They all have a touch of snow....glitter.

I have mini trees in many different colors. Some are glittered some are not.

                                                                  Trees range in size 1'' to 8''.

                                                                         Prices for the trees:

                                                                        1'' Bleached trees $1.00

                                                        Other Trees range from $1.00 to $5.00


                                                               Prices for Snowmen:

                                                                      $2.00 for single

                                                                      $4.00 for a couple

                                  each connecting child or Grandchild is $2.00

                  Special orders always available contact by comments, email or Instagram

                                                            Thanks so much for stopping by !

                                                                                  xo Lisa S

Friday, October 27, 2017

Paper Mache Snowmen

You have seen my mini Snowmen for years so I thought I would make a larger size.

Tell me what you think.

The base is a vintage baking mold 3''W x 2''H

4'' opening, 7'' from base to top of handle.

The snowman can be used as an ornament or shelf décor.

 I have 4 of the large size and 4 with a smaller baking pan.

Each Snowman has a glittered snowflake and 2 Bottle Brush Trees


They will be at the Nov. 4 Boutique.

Let me know if you want me to save you one!

I will post the mini's tomorrow.


xo Lisa S

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Strawberry Sugar Scrub for Body and Lips

This year I made some scrub that is edible....yes, and delicious
Made with organic coconut oil, raw sugar and non GMO dried strawberries. No coloring added.
The strawberries give it a beautiful red color.

Sugar scrubs are great for getting rid of flaky skin. Sugar does not dry out your skin like salt
Perfect for lips in the winter.
If you use on the body just rinse and the coconut oil remains. When used on the lips,
just lick it off or wipe with soft cloth or tissue.
The label is a water colored strawberry with ingredients listed
Note: When giving as a gift, make sure they do not have strawberry allergies.

The scrubs are in 1/2 pint Mason jars. They sit in paper grass and a red paper berry box for gift giving. I will have them at the boutique for $5.00
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

DIY Jute Twine Dispenser

                                             Made with items from the Dollar Tree

1 Sugar pourer or shaker
1 roll of Jute /Twine
                                                Find the end of the roll in the CENTER 
                                             and pull a few inches out, thread through lid.
                                            Replace lid. Now you have a tangle free dispenser
                                                  for your craft area or gift wrapping station !
                                                    Thanks! Happy Crafting, LisaS

USA Chalkboard

 This wood chalkboard is approx.9''x15'' from Washington to Maine. It is stained on the back.
I have added a picture hook, but it can easily sit on a shelf. You can be a little patriotic,
or maybe you'd like to mark where your loved ones live. Maybe mark somewhere you are planning a trip.  Some are completely painted on the front, some have a stained edge.

Let me know what you would write on your chalkboard.
I will have chalk and chalk markers at the craft shows.
$ 3.00
The one pictured on top has Sold, but I have 2 left without the sentiment added.
Thanks for taking a look !

Friday, October 20, 2017

ahhhhh.....Warming Pillows

These Warming Pillows are made from soft 100% cotton flannel....ahhhh...
and filled with Flax Seed. Flax has a wonderful scent when it is warmed. Flax will not go rancid like rice.The flannel is printed with nice warm winter thoughts like cozy,
HOME, believe, fa la la, winter, cheer, snowflake, jingle and joy.
 It will come with an instruction  tag and folded in half with a ribbon.
Microwave 1 min. Place across shoulders, back or lap. Enjoy and relax!
On cold nights I like to put it under the sheets to warm my feet. 
approx. 5'' x 20''
Sorry Sold out

I also have handmade standard pillow cases to match ! $10.00
I have only 2warming left for todays sale.
I have Sold out of the pillowcases and this fabric is no longer available.
Let me know if you are interested.
Thanks for stopping by, xoLisaS

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Paper Trees for the Holidays

These trees were made from vintage sheet music.
Which gives them a natural aged look. The paper is thick and the trees are surprisingly sturdy.
They look delicate but they can be touched and they store easily. I have a customer who
purchased them for a piano teacher and she leaves a set out all year long.
Thanks for stopping by!

Trees are between
10'' and 12''  Priced individually at $10, most orders are sets of 3's

I have 1 left. I will take orders for these.

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