Wednesday, December 13, 2017

DIY Birch Tree Top Star

You need 5 small diameter, Birch cuttings or twigs about 12 '' long.
All 5 pieces need to be about the same size.
Lay 2 pieces on a flat surface with ends together in a '' V '' shape.
We used small nails, but you can use your glue gun.
Place another twig from the bottom edge to cross over to the middle.
If you have trouble with the shape, draw your star on paper and make a pattern.

Cross branches over the top of pattern.
I went a little crazy and hung the stars all over the house....and even outside.
Tell me what you think.
On top of the Hutch
On the Mantle
On the Patio
In an old box of Shiny Brite Ornaments!
xo Lisa S

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