Sunday, May 15, 2022

How I Made a Work Station

Hi friends!

Our Craft Show at the Garden Tour

last weekend was a great success !

My friend Jeanne was in the booth next to mine.

She makes beautiful jewelry.

We were both busy start to finish!

After we were cleaning up, we had a chance to talk.

She had a couple of great ideas I plan to use

for my next show.

I thought I would share with you.

She uses a Rubbermaid box with drawers-

on top of her table-as a riser for displays and to store things.

I just found this guy at the thrift shop!

It's made from mahogany.

An end table or sewing table.

The drawers are nice and deep.

I can store my phone, receipt book and pen, 

cash and my credit card reader inside.

So I don't have to disappear under the table cloth!

I flipped it over and found it would be vert easy to remove

the pedestal base.

The base was attached with 4 flat head screws.

I just used wood filler on the holes and sanded the area.

Some veneer needed to be fixed.

I used wood glue and some clamps.

We just love, CITRISTRIP- Stripping gel!

It works great on small or large projects.

It will remove all that old crackling finish without sanding.

It is so easy to use and has a pleasant smell.

 Brush on a small area, after a few moments

remove with a plastic scraper or credit card.

Wipe with clean cloth and stain!

I love one step Briwax! Dark Brown -my favorite.

I put the old hardware back for now!

I'm very happy with how it turned out!

This piece will make the perfect tabletop desk at my next

craft show!

I will be able to use the drawers for my receipt book

and all kinds of stuff.

The drawers will be facing me and the back will be seen by others.

For now, I have it on my craft table.

Thank you for stopping by!

I appreciate you so much :)

xo Lisa S

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Vintage Bottle Stoppers

 Hi Friends,

This past week I was slowed down by an

extreme case of VERTIGO !

If you have experienced it , you know what I mean.

Now I can get back on the computer-

I'm trying to get ready for a craft show in a couple days.

So last minute I put together some 

Bottle Stoppers and I thought I would share

them with you!

I get so excited, sometimes I forget to take pictures.

It started with this stopper -

The top was easy to remove.

Some needed to have a screw cut to attach the knife handle

and some stoppers have a post.

I prefer the stoppers with a post.

and a knife

It is easy to find knives at thrift shops.

The knives are usually inexpensive.

I use a vise and a soft cloth to hold in place while I cut.

I used a Dremel tool to cut and sand the ruff edges.

Making sure the top is level.

The handles were a tight fit on the screw and the post,  no other

fixative was needed.

Then I polished the handles.

The stoppers can be used on an  olive oil bottle-

They can fit a wine bottle or in my case sparkling cider!

Just pretty for a party or wedding.

I think these would make a nice gift.

I used more knife handles on this blog post-


Have a great day!

Thanks for the visit.
xo Lisa S

Monday, April 11, 2022

Add -On for a Wood Bead Garland


Hello Friend!

A couple years ago, I shared

 how I made a Bead Garland with tassels.

I recently started attaching other wood pieces. By tying them on to 

the same bead garland , it can be changed over and over

for different holidays and occasions.

I found this chunky wooden cross at the Dollar Tree.

I painted the cross with white chalk paint

 and sanded the edges.

Acrylic paint would work just fine.

I tied a long piece of jute at the top.

I traced around the cross and free-handed my verse.

I just used a find point Sharpie

Find the center-

Tied with a bow, if I want to change it again.

I collect old, tattered and brittle small Bibles :)

I have to admit,

I made this for Valentines'....and I'm leaving it out for

EASTER and sharing it with you now.

Blessings to you!
xo Lisa S

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Mod Podge Transfers on Chalk Painted Suitcase and Seed Box


Hello my friend !

I was invited to join a boutique on May 1st. ,

that will be part of a GARDEN TOUR.

I will be set up at one of the homes on the tour.

SO.....I have been going through my things looking for some to take with me.

 Last week I say this train case my favorite thrift shop

The inside looked so bad-

the lady told me ''We can't sell this just take it if you want it"

Yes, please!

No, I did not take a picture of the inside-

nasty stains from perfumes and lotions.

I should have taken the picture of my husbands face!!!

Priceless :)

Chalk Paint can fix it-

Chalk Paint can fix it-

Here's the first coat

The second coat covered the stains and the green cloth. 

I used some white trim that I had to cover the
edge of the mirror.

It had the key so I pinned it inside on a doily.

I was pleasantly surprised the the paint even covered up 

the perfume smell!

Two coats on the outside-

When the case was dry I looked for a label.

You will want to print label in reverse-

Use an INK JET printer and regular copy paper

Here it is in reverse to make it easier for you.

Save and make a copy  

The label came from The Graphic Fairy.

Trim to fit.

Cover design with a coat of MOD PODGE.

Press firmly and leave it alone overnight !

Come back now and wet the paper-

You will see the design showing through-

Start to gently rub off the paper with your fingers.

Keep rubbing-

Until all the paper is removed.

Easy as can be!

The other box was wood, plain and painted black.

I painted it white and added a label-

To protect and seal your transfer, use spray matte sealer or clear wax.

I have a few more upcycled suitcases here   and here.

Thank you for your time!

I appreciate you so much, leave a comment and say hello-

xo Lisa S

 Update: Sold / Sold

How I Made a Work Station

Hi friends! Our Craft Show at the Garden Tour last weekend was a great  success ! My friend Jeanne was in the booth next to mine. She makes ...