Monday, January 27, 2020

DIY Heart-Shaped Ivy Topiary

Hi Friends!

A great way to shake off the winter blues is to

bring some living greenery indoors.

I have an ivy plant that is getting leggy!

Instead of trimming and saving the cutting,

I want to make a Topiary.

You can buy forms, but let's just make our own with wire!

I cut about 32" of bailing wire.

Bend the wire in half, start forming your heart shape.

My measurements are for a 4'' house plant.

The heart is 7 1/4'' across. From dip to point-5''.

At the point of heart, twist together 2 1/2''.

Then out to the side 1 1/4'', then bend downward 3'' and cut if needed.

Press into the soil, the longest pieces are on opposite

sides- left and right.

Gently wrap the base then up the sides.

Your ivy will continue to grow, and you can

direct the new growth to where you want it to go-

Time to bring it inside.

This would make a nice center piece for Valentines Day.

xo Lisa S

Monday, January 20, 2020

Make your own Scrap Book Paper from Vintage Linens

Hi Friends,
First I want to share my Thrifty Find-
I love a good garage sale! How about you?

Some people love estate sales, but I prefer a good old fashion 
Church Rummage Sale!
When I hear of one close by, I can put it at the top of my list of errands!
They are usually packed with all kinds of goodies.

I went to one this weekend, I had my arms full and when I asked for a price the nice
lady said, ''10 bucks for everything".

I got this CRAZY QUILT-


These linens and handkerchiefs-

I washed and ironed all the linens .

I plan to hang them inside on this clothesline.

Only a couple had tiny holes.

You may have seen digital downloads of paper available-

I wanted to share a little trick I use to make my own

handkerchief and doily paper.

I make my own color copies on a regular copy machine,

 so I don't have to cut up any

of my favorite linens!

Here's a beautiful poinsettia hankie on the left and 

the paper is on the right!

Here's some Yo-Yo quilt pieces on the left and the paper is on the upper right.

The details are amazing!
Here is the linen-

Here is the paper-

Here's another-

The doily is at the top and the paper copy is below.

Here's some lace trim.

Yes, it's the copy.

This paper can be used to embellish your Junk Journal pages, 

to make gift wrap, banners, framed with glass, decoupage,

making cards and tags, for scrap-booking or stationary.

I just love old children's textbooks-

This is one of my Junk Journals

I used this pretty embroidered piece to make a pocket on both sides.

Trim with scissors.

I folded right sides out.

There will be a book page in-between like a sleeve.

Make sure the fold is up against the edge of the book page if you don't want it to show.

I glued on the dotted line about 1/4'' in the seam, and left the scalloped edges open.

I use glue on pockets I think it works better than 2-sided tape.

Pocket in front

Pocket on the back of the same page.

Just endless ways to use these papers.

Let me know- Do you have any linens that you

 would love to make into paper copies?

Thanks again for letting me share my ideas with you!

xo Lisa S

Monday, January 13, 2020

Shiny Brite Valentine Wreath

Hi Friends!

While I was putting away Christmas, I held back some ornaments to make this wreath.

I had lots of red, some pinks, silver and gold.

I covered a heart shaped wreath form with Tinsel garland.

I found both items at the Dollar Tree.

Don't skimp on the garland, make it thick.

The hot glue to the garland is what holds the ornaments in place.

* I flip my wreath over, so the ornaments are naturally cradled in the wreath form.

I gathered a few ornaments.

I started with some large ornaments.

Placed them were I wanted and hot glued down.

I like to place them every which way, with the tops showing.

The last thing I added was cupid!

Here's the backside!

I can't believe it!
 I dropped the wreath while I was taking a picture.

Not to worry, only one broke. It was one of the larger ornaments.

Now I can show you how to fix your wreath if it happens to you!

First clean up your mess with a dustpan and brush- yes I was barefooted!

Bring the wreath over a trash can, use pliers to break away the small pieces of glass.

I was able to find another ornament to fit in the same spot.

I will try to be more careful!

Some of the old ornaments are more delicate than others.

I would not hang this wreath on a door that is used often,

but hanging on a wall will be fine.

When storing wreaths made with Shiny-Brite ornaments it is best to lay flat.

Before re-hanging check to make share none of the ornaments are loose.

It's best to store wreath in the house- not the attic,

temperatures that are too hot or too cold can affect the glue.

I am so glad I was able to fix my broken ornament!

Thank you for hanging out with me!

1 John 4:19

xo Lisa S

Other wreaths for Valentines -

Doily Wreath

Saturday, January 4, 2020

After Christmas Find - Galvanized Tobacco Basket

Hi Friends,

Yes, I went to Walmart today!

I didn't really need anything but at 75 - 90 % off, I was hoping to find

something I could use for crafting.

I found this galvanized 18" x 18" Tobacco Basket for only $4, while I was

checking out the After Christmas sales.


The Merry Christmas portion of the sign was held on with wire, no glue!

I was able to cut the wire and removed the sign easily.

I put this sign away for now, maybe I will use it next Christmas.

You could even paint the back of the sign to make this one item

into a third decorative item!

Now that's getting your moneys' worth.

Here it is after the sign was removed.

You could hang it on the wall and add a wreath.

I have instructions for this wreath here.

Or use as a tray!

These Tobacco baskets are priced anywhere between $50-$60 for this size.



I'm not sure if this is considered a recycled project because it was reused.

Maybe an up-cycle because it has been altered....or re-purposed

because it was used in a different way than it was intended .

Either way, I hope you find some after-Christmas treasures for you home.

Do you like to hunt for bargains after the holiday?

Let me know if you found something exciting this year.

xo Lisa S


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