Tuesday, July 17, 2018

DIY Chalkboard from Thrift Store Print & Chalk Stencil Technique

 18'' X 36''
This is the picture that I purchased at the Thrift Store. I was happy with the price- $4 
When I brought it to the counter the nice lady said, '' Pictures are 1/2 off today'' .
Even better for $2
 The first thing I did was wipe off the dust and then
remove the picture from the frame.  You can leave the picture in the frame to paint but then
you will need to tape off the frame.
I prefer to remove the picture for a cleaner edge with no lines.
 The picture was lightly textured paper, but in great shape with no tears and not warped.
In the past I have used Chalkboard paint and a brush, I have also
used Chalkboard spray paint.
I used about 2-3 coats and let dry
In my opinion it works the same for a fraction of the price. 
 I gave the frame a coat of wax. I used Folk Art Antique,
Wipe off excess.
 Reattach the chalkboard to the frame.
 To ''Season'' your Chalkboard:
Lay a piece of chalk on it's side and rub gently across the entire board.
 Like this! 
Lightly wipe with a soft cloth!
Do it twice if needed.
 I wanted to add a stencil to the chalkboard. You could use white acrylic paint
to make it permanent but I want to share another option.
stencil 12 x 12 
Place the stencil were you like it. Use a ruler for spacing and leveling. 
Fill in the area with chalk!
Chalk also comes in different colors.
Remove stencil.
You can clean it up with a soft cloth-
If you don't like it wipe off and try again!

If you love it and don't want it to be wiped off, use a coat of  MATTE CLEAR SEALER
to finish. Do not spray blank area or area if you want to change later.
 The blank section can be used for Memos, Grocery List or COFFEE BAR MENU.

I love Coffee !
Here is another example I made with a Thrift Store Print
repurposed to a Chalkboard. I have it on our mantle and I try to change the verse every week.
Pleasant words are like Honeycomb. Proverbs 16:24
Thank you for visiting. If you try this technique let me know.
I would love to hear from you, I read and respond to all comments.
xo Lisa S 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Succulents in a Stenciled Chicken Waterer/ Feeder

It has been so HOT this week ! I have not been feeling very creative.
But I did find this rusted out Chicken Waterer. It was in no shape to
use for the chickens anymore but I knew I could give it a new purpose.
 I kept the lid for another project another day!
It was in pretty bad shape. The kind of thing I would expect to find in an old barn
somewhere and discarded in the corner.
These make great garden planters.
I decided to add a stenciled design before I planted the succulents.
I used this darling Chicken Stencil from istencils.com
  Cathe Holden Inspired Barn Stencils Collection
I covered over the part that I did not want to use, and taped the stencil in place.
Because the container was round it was a bit tricky.
First I centered the chicken shape stencil where I wanted it and only painted that portion.
Let it dry completely, came back and taped the word " SELECTED" where I wanted it.
Painted that and let it dry, came back and taped "EGGS" where I wanted it and painted that.
I used white Acrylic paint.
After the paint dried I used a clear matte sealer to protect the stencil from water.
After the sealer dried I filled the container with Potting Mix and gently packed down.
I planted the container with an assortment of cuttings / starters
from my garden.

The handle makes it easy to carry around!


Thank you so much for visiting!
xo Lisa S


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Make A Stenciled Stoneware Crock

 Here is a picture of the finished Stoneware crock.
I started with a plain crock.
You could even use a plain white canister with a missing lid.
Something similar to this would be easy to find at your local thrift shop.
 I used this stencil from istencils.com
Cathe Holden's Inspired Barn Collection
6'' x 6'' 
I taped the stencil to my crock. I used Acrylic paint- CAPE COD BLUE
and a stencil brush
 Using the dry brush method ( dip brush and wipe off excess )
with an up and down motion over the stencil.
I use my free hand to hold down the stencil as I move around the design.
 Make sure you don't miss a spot.
 Now you can remove the stencil.
Clean your stencil and brush right away with warm water and mild soap.
 Love It !
 Finished !
 After your project has time to dry, lightly spray with
 a Clear Spray Sealer to protect your Stoneware Crock.
You will need to gently hand wash your crock with the stencil,
but it should be used for decorative purposes only.
I  am very pleased with how this turned out. 
 This is a genuine piece of Stoneware  in the above picture.
Below is the crock that I stenciled.
 Tell me what you think.
Thank you so much !
xo Lisa S

Friday, June 29, 2018

A Stenciled Galvanized Bin


This project will only take about 15 minutes to complete !
Most of that time used will be cleaning the brush and stencil after you are finished.
I found this little trash can at the Thrift Shop, but you can use any bucket or pot.
I wiped it down with a little soap and water.
I bought this stencil online from istencils.com
I decided where I wanted to put the stencil and used Painters Tape to
attach  stencil to bin. I used black Acrylic paint and a stencil brush.
According to the stencil directions, they recommend using a
spray adhesive to the back side of stencil to keep in place and to keep clean edges.
I do not use this step. I have found that the istencils are thick not flimsy
definitely a superior product, so this step is optional.
 If you are new to stenciling you may want to use this technique.
The bin I used had ridges, but it will not matter because you will
be using a dry brush method ( dip and wipe off excess ) with up and down motion.
Use your free hand ( the hand without the brush ) to hold down the stencil as you move around
your pattern. The paint dries very quickly. Remove stencil and wash with warm water and soap.
Wash brush with soap and water.

I used a Matte Spray Sealer to protect the finish.

My Husband and Son surprised me with this POTTING BENCH that they made
a few years ago and I just love it!
The window is attached and the bottom shelf is removable.
They also added industrial wheels on the legs so I can easily move it around the patio.
Sometimes I clear everything off and use as a serving table.
I like the idea of disguising my trash, but I plan to use it
on my potting bench to hold potting mix.
Thank you for visiting today!
xo Lisa S


Tuesday, June 26, 2018

DIY Galvanized Tray / Ice Bucket with Rope Handles


Your local FEED STORE

 may be the best place to look for your

                     I was able to get this Tray at my local TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY for $3.50

Check with  www.tractorsupply.com
3 gallon Galvanized Steel Livestock Feed Tray
Remove Label
 Measure and mark for your holes.

I bought my Rope at the Dollar Tree.
My holes were 3/8'' because of the size rope I was using.
I drilled my holes 6'' apart.
Please wear heavy duty gloves and protective eye wear! 

 You can clean up the holes by rolling pliers
                                           inside the hole. This will smooth out the rough spots.

 Measure 20 " length for each handle.
You will trim later, but you need the room to tie your knots.

Tape ends and cut in the middle to keep both sides from unraveling.

Pull the rope through the holes,
make your knots and decide on the length you prefer.

Trim the extra length at knots.
                                         I went with 18 '' handles after I trimmed at the knots.

 My HUSBAND decided to use it when he picked lemons!

Well, now we know the tray is strong enough to carry about 10 lbs.

Let's make


1 CUP Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice


1 CUP Sugar

(one to one ratio)

Mix well in 1 gallon pitcher, fill with water and ice

That's our family recipe

It's almost the Fourth of July !

This is how I plan to use the tray on the weekend.

The Dollar Tree has round placemats in every color

and the placemats fit inside this tray perfectly!

I also found theses paper straws- 8 for a dollar
The pin wheels are plastic and clipped on so I am thinking
I can save them and use again.


The tray can also hold ice! So it can be a table top ice bucket!


Hang to dry or when not in use.

Enjoy the weekend, maybe have a BBQ !

Thank you for hanging out with me, now I let's
have some Lemonade. Doesn't that sound good right now?
xo Lisa S

DIY Chalkboard from Thrift Store Print & Chalk Stencil Technique

       18'' X 36''     This is the picture that I purchased at the Thrift Store. I was happy with the price- ...