Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Mod Podge Transfers on Chalk Painted Suitcase and Seed Box


Hello my friend !

I was invited to join a boutique on May 1st. ,

that will be part of a GARDEN TOUR.

I will be set up at one of the homes on the tour.

SO.....I have been going through my things looking for some to take with me.

 Last week I say this train case my favorite thrift shop

The inside looked so bad-

the lady told me ''We can't sell this just take it if you want it"

Yes, please!

No, I did not take a picture of the inside-

nasty stains from perfumes and lotions.

I should have taken the picture of my husbands face!!!

Priceless :)

Chalk Paint can fix it-

Chalk Paint can fix it-

Here's the first coat

The second coat covered the stains and the green cloth. 

I used some white trim that I had to cover the
edge of the mirror.

It had the key so I pinned it inside on a doily.

I was pleasantly surprised the the paint even covered up 

the perfume smell!

Two coats on the outside-

When the case was dry I looked for a label.

You will want to print label in reverse-

Use an INK JET printer and regular copy paper

Here it is in reverse to make it easier for you.

Save and make a copy  

The label came from The Graphic Fairy.

Trim to fit.

Cover design with a coat of MOD PODGE.

Press firmly and leave it alone overnight !

Come back now and wet the paper-

You will see the design showing through-

Start to gently rub off the paper with your fingers.

Keep rubbing-

Until all the paper is removed.

Easy as can be!

The other box was wood, plain and painted black.

I painted it white and added a label-

To protect and seal your transfer, use spray matte sealer or clear wax.

I have a few more upcycled suitcases here   and here.

Thank you for your time!

I appreciate you so much, leave a comment and say hello-

xo Lisa S

 Update: Sold / Sold

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Tennis Anyone? Repurposed Tennis Racket Frame into a Flower Press


Hello Friends,

Back in the day....

we used these wood frames to keep our WOOD Tennis Rackets from warping.

I know you see these all the time at the thrift stores- right?

I thought the frames looked a lot like a flower press-

I had a crazy idea to make one!

I picked up a couple of racks for a buck-

Here's an adorable little tennis player for you !

The wingnuts do not come all the way off.

Trace around the outside of frame and make a pattern

for your cardboard.

Cut out the corners.

I cut 4 pieces of cardboard.

I folded my paper in half so it would fit in my frame.

Then I went out in my garden to pick some flowers.

I put the folded paper with flowers inside,

between the layers of cardboard.

Then tightened the wingnuts on the frame.

As tight as possible!

Then set aside for about 4 weeks.

Then loosened the wingnuts to slide out the cardboard.

It worked!!!!!

I collected Calendula, Lavender, Salvia, Cilantro leaves,

Freesia, Geraniums,

Nasturtiums and leaves, Forget-me-nots, Alyssum and


This flower below left a stain on the paper,

which I love!

I will save this paper for a future letter or page in a junk journal.

I used a bit of glue to hold the flowers in place.

I was able to make a pretty piece of artwork with this thrifted picture frame.

Thank you for visiting with me today!

xo Lisa S

Sunday, March 6, 2022

A Touch of the Green for St. Patricks' Day

Hello my friends,

Top of the morning to you!

These small cut-outs came from some vintage Ellen H. Clapsaddle postcards.

I love her artwork!

Save to your computer and resize if needed.

My figures are about 2 1/2''.

Print and cut to a smaller size, then glue to cardstock.

'Fussy' cut with small scissors.

That just means with detail!

(fingernail scissors work great!)

I used 1 figure, 1 old spool, 1 toothpick,

glue,  a pinch of glitter, and some greenery and tulle ribbon.

I glued a tooth pick on the backside and the flag pole.

Added a touch of fine glitter.

I just poked everything into the spool hole!

He has a mischievous look!

A sweet face!

I don't have many 'green' colored decor items, when I found this spice rack

while out thrifting I had it get it !

You would have too if I tell you the price-

ask me in the comments if you want to know.

It made a nice vignette for now-

Later I found a glittery chenille stem in my Christmas stash.

I folded in half and formed at small heart, then another

on each side.

Then poked it behind my figure.

With or without, use what you have.

Happy St. Patricks' Day!

xo Lisa S

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