Sunday, March 28, 2021

How to Make a File Folder Pocket Junk Journal


Hi My Friends!

This is how I made these easy File Folder Pocket Junk Journals-

It only looks complicated, but you can trust me.

It's going to be quick and easy!

Oh and inexpensive...or free.

These are the things I used.

Scissors,  my favorite glue- '3 in 1', binder clips,

optional distress ink and rubber stamp,

Mod Podge and a brush,

sheet music and a paper napkin.

My sweet Husband found these at Osh Hardware Store!

He said "I thought you might like these"

Yes, Thank you!-

When I opened them, I was thrilled to see 4 useable sides!

I used one legal size folder per set.

If you have letter size folders , you will need two.

The cut along the fold to the left is the journal.

The dimensions are 8 1/2'' by 4 1/2''

The folder dimensions are 5 3/5'' wide by 9'' high.

I like to use black thread. Sew on the top side

your stitches will look nicer.

Notice the stitching goes behind the pocket!

Check for fit  ;)

I used 8 pieces of different papers, folded in half

on top of one another.

Put them in the journal cover and hold with clips.

Trim your papers at bit,

 no need to be exact we can trim again at the end.

Binder clips work great to hold your paper in place.

Your stitch should be right down the center.

Oh good it's centered!

Before you decorate check your fit.

You may need to trim.

Now we can decorate the covers.

I used a paper napkin, a piece of sheet music and some matte

Mod Podge.

I started with sheet music as the background,

then added the napkin.

The music notes will show through the napkin.

Just layer and collage until you like your composition.

I wanted the stitching to show.

I didn't decorate the back of the folder.

I just used some distressing ink.

You could coffee stain or tea dye your folder.

 Here's the French Rooster

I also made a Hummingbird set-

Purple and Blue Flowers

And a set with Butterflies and Script

See, I told you it would be easy!

A great way to use up scraps-

I will be putting these aside for future gift giving-

XO, Lisa S

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Recycled Jars for Spring

Hi Friends,

Someone gave me a few of these flat sided spice jars.

I thought I would decorate them for Easter and turn them into

candy jars.

We just need a jar, a little bit of Mod Podge, paint brush and a picture.

If you need a picture, I'll share mine!

Just cut to fit.

Doesn't he look mischievous?

Let's hope that daffodil is a gift, but he looks like he got caught red handed!

Copy and save  :)


A very serious Rabbit!

Brush a thin coat of

Mod Podge to the back 

your bunny.

After it is dry go over the front,

try to stay off the glass.

If you go over use a wet cloth 

to ripe off the excess.

I filled them up with candy!

That took 5 min. to make.....and 5 more min. to eat the candy!

Enjoy your day-

Thank you for visiting, I always appreciate your time.

xo Lisa S

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Egg Basket with Spring Flowers

 Hello my friends!

This week I was inspired by the cover of

Country Living Magazines' April edition.

I thought it was such a simple and sweet arrangement.

I already had a wire egg basket-

Fold the handles down and the basket will not collapse.

I went out to pick some flowers from my yard.

I have some Freesia and Sweet Pea and some lavender too!

I added water and put a ball jar in the center.

I made these eggs last Easter- I wanted to use them to fill

around the flowers.

I used about 24 eggs-

I can show you how I made these here

Just filled in the sides.

That's it!

It's bright and cheery- and smells amazing.

I just used what I already had on hand.

Have a great week!

xo Lisa S

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