Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thrifty Thursday- Patriotic Vignette

 Hi friends,

Here's a idea that came to me while thrifting!

A vintage coffee tin-

filled with uncooked rice 

add some flags-

A fun way to

display some small flags-

Have a great weekend!

xo Lisa S

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Shiny Brite Wreath- Red, White and Blue!

 Hi Friends,

I decided to make another Shiny Brite Ornament

Wreath today in Red, White and Blue.

I collect them throughout the year at thrift shops and garage sales.

I was thinking it would be nice to have for

Memorial Day as well as Independence Day.

I have some of my ornaments separated by color.

I was pretty sure I had enough.

I started with a wreath form, and covered it with

Tinsel Garland-

You can find it year round but I stock up after the holidays.

Ready for ornaments!

You will need a hot glue gun and lots of glue.

I set aside some other special ornaments to use.

Plug in your Glue Gun!

I started with large ornaments first

then smaller.

You can add small tuffs of garland in gaps.

Use a generous amount of glue, but not so much that it shows.

Remember: The tinsel is holding the ornament in place!

I like to rotate the wreath for balance,

Then I pick where I want the top.

Then just keep will need a couple hours to complete.

Eventually you will decide when you are done!

I added a ribbon to the wreath form for hanging.

Store flat -under the bed is a good place :)

Note: Do not store your wreath in a hot place like a garage or attic.
The heat may effect the glue and ornaments could fall off and break.

Happy Memorial Day!

xo Lisa S


Here is another version in PINK

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Trash to Treasure- Cast Iron Plant Hanger Stand

Hello Friends!

My husband saved this cast iron pole with hooks from a trash pile.

He knew I would want it!

A true trash to treasure project-

After he looked it over, he found it just needed some

tightening- none of the pieces were broken.

The top piece was missing but I'll show you how we fixed it.

I found a single metal end piece from a curtain rod at a thrift shop- for .50

Then attached it to the top of the pole.


Before I could get a picture my sweetie was hitting it with the spray paint !

Just one can needed-

I liked the Roses.

Most of our yard furniture is black,

 except for our colorful

Motel chairs.

I love these baskets from the Dollar Tree-

I needed 4 - 

and then added some potting mix and plants.

The lavender was a Mother's Day gift from my son.

My son helped me move it all around the yard-

It takes me a while to decide.

God has blessed me with a very patient son!

We decided on an empty corner of the patio.

In the house we can see it through the window.

It can be moved around the patio easily, if the plants need more sun.

I love how it turned out.

You can never have too many flowers!

xo Lisa S

Monday, May 10, 2021

Make a Sunflower Pincushion

Hi Friends!

I hope you are doing well-

I'm loving the beautiful weather this week.

This easy little project just came together with

scraps I found while organizing my fabric box-


Cut a 5'' circle from a scrap of material.

I used brown, this is for the center of the flower.

I used three different scraps of thick wool for my petals.

As always, try to use what you have :)

You could even use fleece or felt,

these fabrics will not fray. 

The petal pattern is just free hand- about 2 1/2'' tall

and 1 1/2'' wide.

I cut out 3 petals from each of the fabrics for a total

of  9 petals.

Then set aside for now.

For the center of the flower,

 I covered an old tomato type pincushion.

You can also use a styro-foam ball.

I used a running stitch along the edge-

and gathered around the pincushion.

I'm going to use an old tin candle holder as my base.

You can use a tea cup, small plate

 or any old tin mold or tuna can as your base.

Back to the petals-

With a hot glue gun, pinch the base of the petals.

Use glue to position petals in base.

I had 3 different fabrics so I went with opposite sides,

Don't worry that the glue may not stick to the tin,

The center of the flower will cover the mess

and the petals will be glued to the center of the flower.

I found this vintage sewing card at The Graphic Fairy.

It can be made into a gift tag or card to go along

with the pincushion.

Save to print.

Enjoy your week!

xo Lisa S

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Sharing a Sewing Themed Altered Book

Hi Friends,

I just finished this Sewing Journal and thought you might enjoy

a flip-through.

You may be inspired to create one for yourself or one for a Mom you love.

This book was just the right size for me

to alter at 5 1/2'' by 8 1/2''.

I removed pages at a ratio of 10 to 3-

[ meaning tear out 10 leave 3 remove 10 and so on ]

When completed I had 13 pages to decorate.

I added some charms a bobbin and a button to the spine.

The cover is printed paper  attached to the cover

with matte Mod Podge.

 Here is the post where I share how to

                                 Make your own Scrap Book Paper from Vintage Linens

Front cover with pocket and flap-

Three of the book pages 

were folded down and layered to create  pockets.

Folds along the edge makes a tuck spot.

I added some vintage snaps and tags.

To make the heart strip-

I used a heart punch to cut a heart from a book page then layer on top of rose heart

sew by machine down center then glue to book and then glue buttons  ; )

Linen flap opens to

Journaling paper that has been sewn into book.

I loved the embroidered flowers.

The sun can move up or down into the pocket :)

This page was from an old children's book,

the poem is hiding under the  flap.

The needle book is complete.

I added some buttons and tags.

More pockets-

Plenty of places to store ideas.

I used a copy of a button card to make a

small booklet by sewing pages together

on the sewing machine.

Here's some ephemera for you to use in
your own

Sewing Journal.

This label can be used as a pocket or tag.


Here is my needle book cover.

You can print on cardstock and make a 

folded journal card.

Here's a  sweet picture of a little girl sewing

doll clothes .

Aren't these cute kittens?

Most of the paper I used in this book came from this paper pack

by Park Lane- Family Heirlooms.

This pack is single sided-

It was from Joann's Fabrics.

Sorry that was so long!

I hope you enjoyed the flip through-

Have a blessed week, my friend.

xo Lisa S

Update: Sold

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