Monday, May 10, 2021

Make a Sunflower Pincushion

Hi Friends!

I hope you are doing well-

I'm loving the beautiful weather this week.

This easy little project just came together with

scraps I found while organizing my fabric box-


Cut a 5'' circle from a scrap of material.

I used brown, this is for the center of the flower.

I used three different scraps of thick wool for my petals.

As always, try to use what you have :)

You could even use fleece or felt,

these fabrics will not fray. 

The petal pattern is just free hand- about 2 1/2'' tall

and 1 1/2'' wide.

I cut out 3 petals from each of the fabrics for a total

of  9 petals.

Then set aside for now.

For the center of the flower,

 I covered an old tomato type pincushion.

You can also use a styro-foam ball.

I used a running stitch along the edge-

and gathered around the pincushion.

I'm going to use an old tin candle holder as my base.

You can use a tea cup, small plate

 or any old tin mold or tuna can as your base.

Back to the petals-

With a hot glue gun, pinch the base of the petals.

Use glue to position petals in base.

I had 3 different fabrics so I went with opposite sides,

Don't worry that the glue may not stick to the tin,

The center of the flower will cover the mess

and the petals will be glued to the center of the flower.

I found this vintage sewing card at The Graphic Fairy.

It can be made into a gift tag or card to go along

with the pincushion.

Save to print.

Enjoy your week!

xo Lisa S


  1. Wonderful! Sunflowers are my favorite!

    1. They make me smile! I have a picture of my daughter with a sunflower we grew as big as her head. I love it.
      xo Lisa S

  2. Thank you for the tutorial! I love it! I hope we see more on the Homestead Blog Hop. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are so welcome! It's a pleasure to have you visit.
      Thank you for hosting the Homestead Blog Hop.
      xo Lisa S

  3. This is so cute! And I great way to reuse scrap fabrics. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty

  4. How ADORABLE Lisa! And I love how the pattern worked out for the petals. So pretty!


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