Monday, April 22, 2024

Make a Bird on a Perch


Hello Friend!

I found these birds at the local Garden Center.

They had texture like hand carved wood.

I think they may be made of resin or 

some kind of solid plastic material.

I sanded off their tiny feet.

I had this single wooden candlestick that I wasn't using-

I had the idea to cut off one end to make a perch for my bird.

The candle side was metal.

I flipped the candle stick so that the metal top was now the base.

The weight on the base made the 'perch' more stable

I cut a short piece of dowel and set aside.

I made feet for my bird using heavy gauge wire. 

I drilled small holes under the body 

to attach wire with super glue.

Let dry.

I painted the bird with white chalk paint.

When it was dry, I rubbed some antiquing wax

all over the bird.

I used pliers to bend the wire feet around a small

wood dowel piece.

I used wood glue to attach

 the dowel to the candlestick.


I like the added height.


Thank you for visiting.

I hope you have a blessed week!

xo Lisa S

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Seed Packet Junk Journal


Hi friends!

Spring is here and I can't

wait to be in the garden!

After planting I saved the empty seed packets.

I made these mini journals for a Garden Party Boutique.

They can be used for garden notes and thoughts or artwork.

The fronts of the packets have beautiful photographs.

I just cut the packets open on 3 sides.

Then I glued paper to the back and trimmed with scissors.

These are very simple to make and don't have 

many steps.

I used my sewing machine to stitch around the outside.

I like the look and it gives a little strength to the cover.

For the inside-

I save scrap paper- 

These half size sheets are the bottom half of my eBay labels.

I recycled this small spray bottle.

It worked so well that when it was empty

I saved it to fill with strong coffee to stain my paper!

I lay the paper out on a cookie sheet and spray each piece.

I leave them in the oven until the dry.

They dry with the heat from the pilot light in a gas oven.

I cut them in half and folded again.

This was just the right size for the seed packets.

I stacked 6 pages to make a single signature

 and sewed the stack to the cover.

Basic 3 hole method
 Start inside center hole, pull

thread outside, come back through top hole

go down to bottom hole go through

to the outside cover and back through

center and tie off.

Decorated some of the pages.

Tied closed with ribbon.

Stamped some pages-

Glued some 'belly bands'

inside to make a pocket.

Tucked some tiny glassine bags with seeds

in some pockets,

Then tied it closed with a scrap of ribbon.

I have a lot of old wrinkly seam binding.

I love the vintage look of this one-

I added a sunflower charm to the ribbon.

These have a Garden Fairy on the cover.

My sister gave me these large seed packets below from

a trip they took to Canada.

The packets were a thoughtful gift.

I planted the seeds and saved 

 the packaging.

They will make a special keepsake journal.

Here's a close up  of the garden


The Butchart Gardens

My sister said it was a beautiful

 100+ year old

 English Garden.

Has anyone been there?

Thank you for being here today!

I appreciate the visit-

xo Lisa S

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