Monday, January 25, 2021

Thrifty Find- Clock Turned Shadow Box with Yarn Covered Hearts

Hi Friends!

I found another clock- well actually the clock was missing already.

Someone had saved me the work of removing it!

Because the clock was missing, the case was marked $1.99!

I know some of you would probably paint this piece,

but I love wood and if at all possible I like to keep it that way.

I can always come back later and paint it.

I cleaned it up and used my favorite BRIWAX stain to cover any scratches.

We removed the front door. 

My idea was to cut the clock opening,

which was a circle  into a larger square.

I left the box alone for a hour and

 Mr. FreshVintage decided to cut it for me. 

 He's very helpful that way:)

So no before photo! Sorry-

Well it worked!

I used a piece of glass from a picture frame.

Glued it in place with hot glue.

Then came back with metal framing tabs to hold in the glass.

I covered the inside with thick sheet music.

Then lined the bottom of the drawer.

It made a sweet little shadow box.

I thought of so many ways to use it!

A girl can never have to many places to store treasures, right?

It fit some tiny books.

I decided to make some yarn hearts for Valentines Day!

They are easy to make.

I used some vintage clip earrings.

How to make Yarn Covered Hearts-

You will need a heart shape cut from thick cardboard.

Some Yarn- I had a thrifted half-skein of  Ivory.

I didn't measure but had plenty of yarn.

Just start wrapping :)

Wrap back and forth, all directions.

You can't make a mistake.

Keep wrapping-

The heart begins to puff into shape.

When the cardboard is covered you are done!

Just tie off your end and tuck it under.

I used white satin ribbon to tie a bow.

I clipped a vintage earring over the center of the bow and

stamped the word 'LOVE' on the tie.

Thanks for the visit.

I loved having you here!

You are welcome anytime.

xo Lisa S

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Valentine Vignette and Recycled Heart box

 Hello my Friends!

Today I decided to fill my cubby for Valentines' Day.

The weather is wonderful- it's been 80 degrees- 

so I guess for me the Winter Decor was very short lived !

I call it my cubby- It came from Pottery Barn years ago. 

When it went on clearance, I thought I needed it!

I wanted to make a pretty candy box.

I found these small candy boxes at the Dollar Tree.

I just covered the lid and bottom with

scrapbook paper

Measure the sides and cover with paper or lace.

I used ribbon to decorate the edge, top and bottom.

I had a lot of ribbon in my stash.

It worked fine.

My paper and ribbon had small hints of yellow

along with the pink.

                                                 I wanted to make some fake chocolates to display

                                                          but my clay was dried out.

I  found this lip balm at the Dollar Tree and the 99cent Store.


I thought it looked like a piece of chocolate candy.

I put it in a candy wrapper.

I added a Tulle bow and a rose to the lid.

I have lots of vintage single clip on earrings.

I went through them to find pinks and reds.

The earrings stand up on their own, and are great for holding

small notes or Valentines!

I stood the valentine on the box along with the "chocolate".

Here's another box.

I used a page from an old Sears and Roebuck Catalogue I have.

My Husband loves cherries.


That's his Valentine!

He can only have fake candy for now :)

He has to wait!

I brought out one of my Nancy Ann dolls.

She has a red polka dot dress but I was worried

about changing her.

My collection came from my babysitter, she gave them to me

when she out grew dolls.

I have loved them ever since.

Do any of you remember Nancy Ann?

Have a wonderful week!

xo Lisa S

Thursday, January 7, 2021

My Winter Mantle and a Tip to Memorize Scripture

 Hi Friends!

When Christmas is over

and everything is put away until next year,

I think the house looks a bit empty.

Do you feel that way?

For now-

I like to start with the mantle-

I had made Hot Apple Cider during the Holiday's.

I saved the jug from the recycle bin-

washed and soaked off the label,

used acetone to remove the expiration date.

Then I put it on the mantle with a couple cotton stems.

Hung some beads.

And that's the winter mantle for now-

I usually change my chalkboard weekly.

Starting in January, I'm trying to refresh my memory of the book of James.

I want to share with you a little tool I use to memorize

larger sections of scripture.

I first write out the section- I'm a visual learner!

James 1: 2-4 

Next I start to remove key words.

Study by reading over a few times,

 then you can fill the words back in, 


Keep erasing words until you have it memorized.

A chalkboard works great for this.

As I get older it is SO MUCH HARDER to memorize scripture.

I'm hoping that this may help someone else.

Maybe you have some suggestions to share with me :)

I study with the New American Standard Bible ( NAS )

XO Lisa S


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