Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Old Chair into Planter

Hello my friend !

How are you today?

On the way to church we saw this sad chair with a free sign.

I am like a magnet to free...

Mr. Fresh Vintage said ''NO WAY, It's gross!"

I talked him into it -

with the promise that I would start on it 

immediately when we got home....

and I did !

Once the nasty cover was gone...

no more stink !

I thought it would be easy to turn into a planter.

The seat was old and the raffia type material was so easy

to remove with a utility knife.

There was old newspapers

 shoved in there too for some reason.

I was hoping for Red-

I needed to run to the store for more.

Have you seen these new Rust-oleum spray cans ?

It has 5 positions for the nozzle.

We thought we would give it a try.

It worked great, we stayed with 'standard' spray

It was a new learning curve and will take some

getting used to in the future.

For this project it worked fine.

It covered well

I wanted the color to pop in the garden.

We don't have a lot of red flowers so

 I thought it would be a good contrast.

I purchased a 16'' coco liner at my local Joann's fabric.

They are on sale right now.

I found a scrap of chicken wire in our shed.

I thought it would give the coco basket some support.

I thought I could staple the wire to the chair and form

a dip in the center.

It worked fine!

 I moved  the chair to a bare spot in the garden

 and filled the basket with potting soil.

It got moved one more time and added a few

starter plants that I had on hand.

I started with Lamb's Ear and Feverfew- they are hardy.

I also added some Oregano.

The chair was doing a good job 

of holding up the Larkspur

Well I had to add a couple flags too!

The wire was a good base and it doesn't even show.

Even though the chair was planted I could still move it around easily.

I like that it covers a spot that I had just cleaned up-

I know it will eventually fall apart and look shabby

but that's okay-

Have a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!

XO Lisa S

1 month later.....

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Delicious Spicy Roasted Kale Chips

Hi there!

We have been busy in the garden- 

One of our favorite veggies to grow is KALE

It grows like crazy here!

It's easy to grow and a real super food!

We will be eating Kale 


Pick a large amount-

about the size of a bunch of


Break or chop up pieces to about a 2-4'' size

about 4-6 cups total.

Remove the center stem.

Set aside stems for later, to  freeze for soup!

Rinse pieces in cool water

Pat dry with towels or

I like to use a salad spinner.

Put dry pieces in a sealable bag.

Pour a little Olive oil in the bag- seal and gently

squeeze bag to coat the pieces.

Start with a tablespoon then add more if needed.

Coated but not soggy!

I line my baking sheets with cooking parchment paper for

easy cleanup.

I divide what fit in the bag

 on two baking sheets,

single layer.

Sprinkle with salt and red pepper flakes

to suit your families taste.

Heat oven to 300 degrees F

Just about 12 to 15 min.

You will know the chips are ready when they turn a  darker green.

Watch carefully at this point so the chips don't burn.

The chips are light and crispy!

Pull up the sides of the parchment to make a paper funnel and

fill a bowl with the chips !

So delicious!

Even vegetable haters will love these.

We never have any left over, could crumble a few and

use as a Parsley- who would know?

Here's a vintage seed packet you can print

to make yourself a plant marker!

If you try to grow some kale or make some chips, 

tell me what you think.

xo Lisa S

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