Sunday, February 25, 2024

Make a Faux Leather Book Cover

 Hello my Friends!

I want to share with you how I made this

Faux Leather Book.

You will need a brown paper bag-

or Kraft paper will work.

A book cover

You could even make your own from cardboard.

Matte Mod Podge and a brush

I like the matte for this project.

You can use the other but your 'leather' will have more shine.

Cut a piece from your bag about an inch larger

all the way around your entire book cover.

Crinkle your paper, open and crinkle again.

This breaks up the wood fibers in the paper.

The paper will become soft and pliable .

The side without any printing is the side we want to use.

Smooth out with your hands.

Use a paint brush and Mod Podge on cover.

Start with one section at a time.

Cover with your paper.

Leave edges for now do not trim.

Press paper into spine crease.

Continue gluing as you go with the Mod Podge.

Press paper down and smooth as you go.

When dry flip cover over.

Now you can trim edges if needed.

Fold over edges and glue down with Mod Podge.

Smooth out with your hands to 

remove any air bubbles.

 Burnish the spine creases.

As your cover is drying-

open and close cover 

to make sure it everything

is working !

At this point you can even use acrylic paint

to color your leather then seal with Mod Podge!

You can even use ink to distress your cover even more.

Another coat of Matte Mod Podge.

I measured a piece of cardstock 1/4'' thinner

than the spine.

Then covered the piece with cloth on all sides.

Give a coat of Mod Podge to the inside edges.

Allow for drying time, it doesn't take long.

I sewed the signatures to the cloth.

then glued the cloth to the inside spine.

Then the stitches are hidden.

I have a lot of scratch paper.

When  I  have enough I use coffee to dye

the paper for projects like these-

Then covered the inside flap with cardstock.

The back matches the front.

This technique could be used

to repair a favorite book that has a week spine.

Feels nice and soft like leather.

Tell me what you think-

Here's an antique bookplate from

the Graphic Fairy to

add to your notebook!

Thank you for hanging out with me!

I appreciate it so much.

xo Lisa S

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Vintage Sunkist Oranges-SHAMROCK Label

Hello Friends! 

I'm sharing with you

a vintage Sunkist orange crate label from 

here in California.

I love the vibrant colors.

Save and print-

Happy St. Patrick's Day :)

xo Lisa S

Friday, February 9, 2024

Sweetheart Candy Valentine / X O Blocks

Hi friends !

Remember these conversation hearts?

Here's a sweet little Valentine-

The front used to be a window cut out.....

I cut the front heart out of the box.

The back of the box has a place for a message.

I left it as is.

Put the candy in a small bag to give with the box.

Here are some Valentines-

Save to use

I cut out the bear to put inside the opening.

I glued some Rick-Rack and flower trim to decorate.

Save one candy to put in Teddy Bear's hand.

Here's the back-

To make your Hugs and Kisses Blocks you will need a set of blocks

This set came from the Dollar tree.

Acrylic paint -any color

and a Sharpie!

Here's an EASTER version!

Make  your own Valentine TIC TAC TOE Game!

Happy Valentines' Day

XO, Lisa S

Here's another Valentine shadowbox

Friday, February 2, 2024

Quick and Easy 3D String of Hearts

 Hi Friends!

Here's a simple idea.

We can use old book pages or junk mail to make a garland

for Valentine's Day.

Lets cut out some hearts.

If you have a heart shaped punch this will be even easier!

I cut out quit a few-

I made stacks of 3, to get an idea of how many hearts

would make the length I wanted.

I went to my sewing machine 

and threaded the machine with black thread.

Starting with a long leader of threat, sew through

the center of 3 stacked hearts.

Leave space and continue to another stack.

I kept going until I had a 20'' length.

Leave a long tail of thread.

Fold open the heart at the center stitch line.

Easy to hang with the thread ends.

If you like it longer, just keep adding on!

Thank you for visiting today.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

xo Lisa S

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