Monday, October 11, 2021

Quick and Easy Halloween Decor


Hi Friends,

Just for fun...

I want to share this with you!

Save this label to your computer,

resize to fit your bottles.

Print and trim.

This brown glass bottle was too nice to toss 

after I was done with my drink so I wanted to use it for something!

Use Mod Podge to glue label to bottle.

Then cover top of label 

with a light coat of Mod Podge.

Wipe off any that gets on the glass.

After the label is dry, 

I use white glue and clear glitter 

to give the moon face some dimension.

Then added a piece of raffia-

I found this old 45 record

of Spooky Sounds while out thrifting-

The side eyes made me laugh-

You could use the label to make a

 sleeve to cover a bottle of orange soda!

I'm part of a mid-week October Harvest

 Craft Event and Luncheon, day after tomorrow.

It is a private event with 200 ladies attending.

Shopping and eating , doesn't that sound fun?

That means I 've been busy gathering together items

 and tagging

 and more tagging!

I hope it goes well ! 

It has been a long time since

we have been able to get together like this.

I'll let you all know how it goes.

Maybe I'll take pictures and share.


xo Lisa S

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Birch Pillar Candles / Birch Secret Ring Box

Hi Friend,

I spoke too soon last week and the summer came back!

Oh well, it's 95 degrees and I'm in the mood for candles.

I went out to the wood pile, wondering if it will ever be used-

looking for a Birch log.


I found this piece that looks like a HEART!

I have a plan for later-

I picked a log and marked it in three different lengths.

Made my cuts and checked the size.

I like things in threes!

We have two choices for candles-

You will need this tool.

It's called a Forstner Bit- 

They come in different sizes
It will make the hole and hollow it out.

It is 3/4" the same size as the tea light candles.

It attached to our drill.

Add tape to the bit so you only go to the depth needed.

I didn't like the white candles so I painted the battery

powered ones to match the color of the wood.

These candles are Vanilla scented! I liked their color.

The candles have the metal inserts and the pillars will not burn.


After the tealights have burned down,

new ones can be easily replaced.

If you don't have any Birch logs available,

These CANDLES are easy to make!

Now for the next project!

To make the Secret Ring Box,

You will need another piece of birch wood and a 1'' long piece of dowel.

My wood is 3" high with a 3'' diameter.

Make a mark for your cut at about an inch.

This will be the lid.

Use this Forstner Bit attached to your drill 

to hollow out your base.

Drill a small hole to fit a 1'' dowel.

Wedge it into place or use wood glue.

Flip lid to the under side. Mark with a pencil where

lid matches the dowel.

Check and double check before you drill hole in lid.

The two pieces need to match up perfectly!

Do not glue the lid. It will turn on the dowel to close.

Wouldn't this be a wonderful secret box for and

engagement ring or wedding bands?

I'll show you how I made this


It is a reverse stencil.

I love candle weather!

I can pretend for now-

Pumpkin candles are my favorite, how about you?

xo Lisa S

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Time to update my Vintage Book Calendar

Hello my friend !

I hope you are doing well.

Time seems to get away from me theses days.

I don't have kids in school....or even a real job :)

I only 'work' about 7 hours a week,

so what's my problem ?

Well, speaking of time

I need to update my calendar

for next year.

I use an old book cover and then replace the inserts.

My book is 5'' wide and 7 1/2'' tall

with a 1'' spine.

Perfect fit for these 5'' by 7'' weekly planners and calendars

 from the Dollar Tree.

I remove them from the plastic cover

I am using two-

one is a calendar and one is a weekly planner.

I open the planner to the center and remove

the staples.

This will be the center for the signature.

It will have to be a single large signature

 to keep the pages in proper order.

I have used Mod Podge and cloth to cover the inside

of my book. A strip of cloth was also added to the spine.

I use embroidery thread and a carpet needle to attach my signatures to the spine.

You can use large binder clips to hold in place.

I like to use 3 times the length of the spine when I measure thread.

Use an awl or sharp pointed object to start you holes.

I have a block of wood under the spine to protect my table.

Start center inside- with a 3'' or so tail

all the way through the book

to the furthest away hole-

then back inside the book

to the other end of book and out

then back through the center hole on spine

and tie off !

It is a figure 8 tied in the center!

The front page-

Both signatures are shown here.

You can re-use the cover next year.

Just cut the threads and add a new


I always enjoy having a paper


I need to see the big picture

when making plans.

This size fits in my purse!

Thank you for letting me share this with you today!

I'm so glad you are here!

Have a great week!

xo Lisa S

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Using My IOD Stamps

......for the first time!

Hi my friend-

I was at one of my local Antique store and found these

IOD Stamps [ Iron Orchid Designs ]

Crock  Labels

There are 13 different stamps in the set and that seemed like

a pretty good value to me.

These stamps are big!

 The best part is they are flexible

for stamping on curved surfaces and clear for easy placement.

According to 

there is a little prep work needed before you get started.

They suggest using a fine grit sand paper on the stamping

side area.

Sanding lightly one direction across all stamps

 then the opposite direction.

This will help with all mediums used.

It's up to you if you want to cut apart the stamps.

This works better for me-

I still have more yogurt jars and some pots to decorate.

I just painted the jars with chalk paint.

I wanted to try stamping on air dry clay and add

the label to the jars.

I love this MODEL MAGIC CLAY by Crayola !

It was about $5 at Joann's  Fabrics- less if you use a coupon.

It is so soft and no crumbling mess!

It didn't shrink or crack.

I highly recommend it!

I just rolled a small piece to 1/4'' thick

Just pressed stamp into clay

This method made the best impression in my opinion.

The stamp did not stick to the clay :)

I used a bit of Tacky Glue and attached the clay to the jar.

I used a knife to cut away some excess.

The jars and pots dried overnight.

I used a small amount of Burnt Umber acrylic paint and water

to make a 'WASH'

I painted the recessed parts with the wash and wiped

off extra as I went-

This took some time and it seemed to look better 

with more and more layers.

When I was happy with color,

I went over the high parts with another dry brush

coat of chalk paint.

On the left I used a Burnt Umber wash

on the right I used a black wash.

 I love how these Marmalade crocks look :)

These sunflowers dried this way and I'm going

to keep them !

Early fall mantle- with a reminder to my dear husband-

don't be sad about your brown lawn !

This one is my favorite!

Which do you like better-

the brown or the black ?

Let me know in the comments-

xo Lisa S

Quick and Easy Halloween Decor

  Hi Friends, Just for fun... I want to share this with you! Save this label to your computer, resize to fit your bottles. Print and trim. T...