Sunday, March 12, 2023

Vintage Paper Dolls


Hi Friends,

Remember these on rainy days ?

My Mom would glue the pieces to cereal boxes 

for my sister and I to cut out on our own.

We spent many happy hours playing with our creations.

I'm sure my Mom enjoyed the momentary peace and quiet!

We knew the rules about scissors-

Rule 1 no running with scissors!!

Rule 2 no cutting cloth or HAIR!

Save and print on card stock.

Here is Emily, getting ready for Easter in her Sunday best!

This page was from Good Housekeeping Magazine 1984

a favorite of mine by Joan Walsh Anglund

Dolly Dingle

 Save Dolly Dingle in a Christmas outfit-


Pass these one to someone you love!

Tuck inside a card or journal.

xo Lisa S

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