Monday, June 28, 2021

Altered Cookbook with Better Homes and Garden Binder

Hi my friends!

Last week while thrifting, I found this vintage apron 

that went so well with a cookbook

that I am altering.

I planned to remake the cookbook with lots of pockets

and places to save favorite family recipes.

I needed to start with some retro kitchen themed paper.

I feel in love with

Country Kitchen 

from  Carta Bella

Here's the link for the paper!

Look at this adorable sticker page!

It comes with the set.

       First I cleaned the cover thoroughly-

The book was in good shape but faded on the spine-

I was  able to fix this with my distressed ink pad.

Then I removed all the pages from the cookbook. Then I decided

which ones I would keep and which ones I would alter.

I was able to keep all the dividers to alter.

I went through my papers and scraps and worked out a plan.

I used one of the dividers as a template for my added pages.

I used a small hand held paper punch, scissors and some glue.

The inside cover has a pocket and all the divided

sections also  have a pocket.

I used some of the best pictures from the cookbook.

Like this Angel food cake with pink frosting!

I added a vintage Westinghouse Electric Range brochure-

That was a small sampling of the pages.

I didn't want to pack it too full !

There is room to grow.

Thanks for visiting today-

Maybe I inspired you to make a one-of-a-kind cookbook.

Update; Sold

I hope you have a wonderful week!

xo Lisa S

Saturday, June 19, 2021

My Liberty Blue Dishes

Hello friends,

I admit I collect many different things!

This collection I inherited from my


She knew I admired them and wanted

to see me enjoy the set before she past.

She boxed up the dishes and brought

them to me!

I was thrilled and honored to receive them.

That was over 30 years ago!

We have used them as our 'Everyday dishes'

since that day.

Over the years we have enjoyed their beauty 

and the love they represent.

When my children where young,

they learned to be careful...

surprisingly no breaks.

I learned to enjoy what you have,

don't hide it away for another time!

Here's an ad from Ben Franklin 

Savings and Loan newsletter that I saved all these years.

Liberty Blue dinnerware 

was made for two years and coincided

with the American Bicentennial celebrations.  In the October,

1976, issue of the Benjamin Franklin S & L’s newsletter, an

article was written announcing the end of the promotion on

December 31st.

Sometime after 1976, the Liberty Blue dinnerware design was

released to be sold in national grocery stores on a limited time. 
For so many dollar purchases of groceries, you could buy a

different piece.  Each week there would be a different item to


As a kid, I remembered the display 

on the end cap at our grocery store. 

Can you believe these prices?

If you are interested in starting to collect or finishing out your collection-

Here's a list of items you may want to look for.

 I have listed the identifying pictures on each piece. 
  1. Tureen Base,  Answering First Call to Arms
  2. Soup Tureen Lid, Boston Tea Party
  3. Teapot, Minutemen Answering First Call to Arms
  4. Covered Vegetable Bowl, Boston Tea Party
  5. Covered Vegetable Lid, Lafayette Landing at West Point
  6. Pitcher, Old North Church
  7. Platter 12″, Governor’s House at Williamsburg
  8. Platter 14″, Washington Crossing the Delaware
  9. Platter 18″ and 20″, Declaration of Independence
  10. Vegetable Bowl, Round, Fraunces Tavern, Washington’s Farewell to Continental Army
  11. Vegetable Bowl, oval, Minutemen Answering First Call to Arms
  12. Gravy Boat, Lafayette Landing at West Point
  13. Gravy Boat Plate, Governor’s House at Williamsburg
  14. Salt / Pepper Shakers, Paul Revere’s Ride- Marked England only
  15. Covered Sugar Bowl, Betsy Ross, the Nation’s First Flag.
  16. Creamer, Paul Revere’s Ride
  17. Butter Dish, Lafayette Landing at West Point
  18. Coasters 4''- Independence Hall, Valley Forge, Old North Church, Fraunces’ Tavern
  19. Soup Ladle, Solid white- not marked
  20. Place Cards, American Eagle
  21. Dinner Plate 10″, Independence Hall
  22. Luncheon Plate 9″, Washington at Valley Forge
  23. Dessert Plate 7″, Washington Leaving Christ Church
  24. Bread/Butter Plate 6″, Monticello Thomas Jefferson’s Home
  25. Cereal Bowl, Mt Vernon, George Washington’s Home
  26. Soup Bowl, flat rim, Old North Church
  27. Fruit/Berry Bowl, Betsy Ross, Nations First Flag
  28. Teacup, Paul Revere- marked England only
  29. Saucer, Old North Church
  30. Coffee Mug, Monticello-  Marked England only

I love the way the blue transferware
 can be mixed and matched with other dish sets.
The dinner plate over another white plate-

I like the smaller eating area of these plates-

These are the different bowls-

The soup tureen is huge!

 I have to admit

this is the only piece I have not used!

Here's the salt and pepper shakers

A stack of teacups-

The Liberty Blue dishes  work well 
with my navy blue and red Fiesta Ware.

My husband made this nightlight for our kitchen!

He used a tile cutter and a rotary tool to cut a teacup
and some epoxy to attach to a store bought night light.

Let me know if you are a  Liberty Blue or other transferware collector!
Have a great week!
xo Lisa S

Monday, June 14, 2021

A quick gift- Stenciled T-shirt

Hi Friends,

My Thrift Shop had racks and racks of

Brand New Baseball style t-shirts-

all were black and white small and large.

I bought 2 for .99- It was Half-off Day!

I wish I got more!

I wanted to make 

His and/or Hers' PJ Shirts

First I marked the center of the shirt with tape.

Made sure my tape was level.

I used my COFFEE stencil

Inspired Barn Stencils by Cathe Holden
12'' x 12''

I removed the vertical tape underneath

 and taped down


I used black multi purpose Acrylic paint and

a stencil brush.

I use an old tray to remove excess paint from brush

before stenciling.

I only used one color and I left off the border.

Clean up is easy-

a little soap , water and a soft brush.

Set your design with a clean cloth

 over the painted area and a hot iron.

I let my mannequin model for you!

I think I need to go back to the store

to get some more t-shirts!

I hope you have a wonderful week and hey-

Happy Fathers Day!

Thank you for hanging out!

I'm so glad you are here!

xo Lisa S


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