Sunday, December 30, 2018

How to make an Altered Book Planner-Calendar

Happy New Year !
 I don't know about you but I still like to use a hand held Planner-Calendar.
One that I can write notes to myself, check over appointments,
do menu planning, write down shopping lists,
a bit of doodling and a general to-do list.
I don't always take the time to add things to the calendar on my cell phone.
I have been on vacation from work for 2 weeks....
everyday my phone told me I was late for work because I didn't change
my calendar on my phone !  :)
So I thought I would share with you this altered book version-
 You will need a planner. I found mine at Dollar Tree.
A book approx. the same size and thickness as the planner.
A sheet of cardstock
A utility knife
Tacky Glue
and an optional scrap of ribbon
a straight edge ruler
and a pencil
 This is my planner from Dollar Tree.
I removed the plastic pocket sleeve.

 It had a heavy cardboard cover.
 An old math primer I had on hand was just the right size.
This is the cardstock I used. 
 I used a utility knife to remove the pages.
 Be careful not to cut all the way through.
 Your book will look like this.
 Laying out flat to show the outside cover
and the inside.
Cover the inside spine area with paper . Approx. 2'' wide and the length of the book.
Optional bookmark ribbon can be added here.

Measure your cardstock.
Add 1/4'' to actual size needed. Then add another 1/4'' for your cut line.
Use a straight edge up against your line to make your fold.
You are making a pocket for your planner. Do not glue down the fold!
You are gluing the outside of the fold to your book.


Let dry,
slip planner into pocket
 Fold cover back to make this easier.
Tuck and glue a scrap of ribbon into the top, for a bookmark
 The cover can be used the following year by just removing the old
planner and replacing with another.
Just mixed in with other books on the desk. 
 Thank you for letting me share my planner with you !
Let me know, have you gone paperless?
Do you like to keep a calendar ?
xo Lisa S


  1. I also love a handheld planner over notes on my cell. What a really neat idea I am going to copy for sure!! Thanks!

    1. downthelane,
      You made my day with your nice comment!
      Thank you so much for visiting, I really appreciate it.
      Happy New Year!
      xo Lisa S

  2. Love the vintage book cover. I would enjoy this planner. Thank you for sharing at You're the Star. Happy New Year, Kippi

    1. Kippi
      Thank you so much! You are welcome, I love to join the party! Happy New Year, xo Lisa S

  3. This is adorable! I love all things vintage, and I love that I can hide this right in plain sight in my decor! Very creative! Happy New Year!!

    1. Amy,
      Thank you so much. You are so right about leaving out in plain sight. Thank you for visiting and it's so nice to meet you. Happy New Year! Stop by again, xo Lisa S

  4. I used to be strictly a paper diary girl, I needed one of those with a page for notes each week with the week per day diary. More recently we started having a family group calendar on our phones which is SO useful that I do use that all the time now . (It's so handy to know who will be home for dinner etc) I do have to have a paper note book on the go all the time though, for to do lists and notes.
    I love how you've taken an old book and given it such a simple upgrade.

    1. Julie
      Your family calendar sounds great. This past year was the first time me Husband had his OWN calendar. He used it faithfully and loved it. In the past he would let me and I had to keep track of everything. He has his own again this year. It has become a wonderful new habit.
      Thanks for sharing and your kind words! xo Lisa S

  5. When it comes to my "to-do" lists, and my weekly and monthly calendars, I am definitely a paper girl. I love having something to cross off, instead of just deleting it! I absolutely love your planner. You are so clever! Thank you for sharing at Celebrate It!

    1. Teri, You are so right. I love the fact that you can look back and see what was done over the year. I have a terrible sense of timing. I say -oh that was a few weeks ago and it ends up 4 months or more.
      Happy New Year, xo Lisa S

  6. This planner is great! Will be a fabulous way to use books where the pages have gotten ruined! A great way to do a journal as well, no one would bother to look through an old, boring book! Wish I'd thought of that as a kid! Thanks for sharing at the Oh My Heartsie Wednesday Linky Party!

    1. Thank you so much! I love your comment :)
      I hope you have a very Happy New Year!
      Thank you for hosting. xo Lisa S

  7. Awesome project Lisa - congrats - you are one of our Featured Bloggers at Inspire Me Monday #364 at Create With Joy!

    1. Oh wow! Thank you I am thrilled!
      I appreciate you so much. Thank you for hosting.
      xo Lisa S

  8. What a clever idea! I find many old books in thrift stores that have beautiful covers but smelly and dried out brittle pages. Using the cover like this is a wonderful idea.

    1. Pat,
      I am so glad you liked this planner. I save some old books just for the covers and some books just for pages and illustrations....but they have to be REAL bad before I take them apart. xo Lisa S

  9. Tania,
    oh Thanks! So glad you liked this-
    xo Lisa S

  10. That's a cool looking-vintage planner you made. I really like your cover choice and you made this look easy. I still use planners for blogging but appointments I use my phone calendar. Strange that I use two different things but it helps to keep things organized and it works for me. Thank you for linking up with us at #OMHGWW and hope to see next week!

    1. Alice,
      I think you are smart! It is nice to write things down
      for blogging. I think I will try both.
      Thank you for visiting. xo Lisa S

  11. Love this idea, Lisa! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    1. You are welcome and thank you!
      See you next week. xo Lisa S


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