Saturday, January 4, 2020

After Christmas Find - Galvanized Tobacco Basket

Hi Friends,

Yes, I went to Walmart today!

I didn't really need anything but at 75 - 90 % off, I was hoping to find

something I could use for crafting.

I found this galvanized 18" x 18" Tobacco Basket for only $4, while I was

checking out the After Christmas sales.


The Merry Christmas portion of the sign was held on with wire, no glue!

I was able to cut the wire and removed the sign easily.

I put this sign away for now, maybe I will use it next Christmas.

You could even paint the back of the sign to make this one item

into a third decorative item!

Now that's getting your moneys' worth.

Here it is after the sign was removed.

You could hang it on the wall and add a wreath.

I have instructions for this wreath here.

Or use as a tray!

These Tobacco baskets are priced anywhere between $50-$60 for this size.



I'm not sure if this is considered a recycled project because it was reused.

Maybe an up-cycle because it has been altered....or re-purposed

because it was used in a different way than it was intended .

Either way, I hope you find some after-Christmas treasures for you home.

Do you like to hunt for bargains after the holiday?

Let me know if you found something exciting this year.

xo Lisa S


  1. love to hunt for treasures for myself and yes I do look very often for them
    come see us at

  2. We think alike, Lisa--I did the same thing with a clearance tobacco basket this fall! Thanks for sharing your bargain and tip at Vintage Charm!

    1. Cecilia, Yes, We do!
      Wouldn't it be fun to Thrift Shop together- we would probably be grabbing the same items :)
      xo Lisa S

  3. That looks great! I am going to go peek through my ornaments for a few pinks and silvers now.
    I've also dropped and broken many things when taking pics lol. i feel ya!
    Yes I always take at least one trip to the after Christmas sales. Mainly to get the mini bags and jewelry gift boxes. I use a lot of them throughout the year in mailing out items.

    1. Lisa
      It's great to hear from you! I hope you have been well.
      I like the changes on your blog-I lost track of you for a while...I need to re-follow. I miss Christmas already:)
      Thanks for saying hello!
      xo Lisa S

  4. Great upcycle, thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  5. Super smart, lady! Looks great all over your home!

  6. Waste-not-want-not! Fabulous idea! Thank for the Link Up1


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