Friday, November 25, 2022

Starting on the Front Porch

Hi Friends,

I hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving!

Today was a little bit of cleaning 

and taking down the Christmas boxes.

I try my best to stay home

 on Black Friday just to get caught up !

I didn't get much done,

it was a beautiful day and I wanted to be outside.

The weather was wonderful and warm.

I cleared the leaves and cobwebs from the front porch.

I put up the wreaths on the front door to start.

Then found my old ice skates I like to hang

on an old sled.

I wanted to give them the look of snow-

Yes, it's 80 degrees here....

I know it's never going to happen.

I had some fake snow and glitter on hand- I went for the 

fake snow.

I just ran a line of glue on the blade.

Then added the snow.

I liked the look!

If you love glitter you could 

add a design or snowflake on the heel.

I looped the skates over the top of the sled.

I put the sled up against the wall.

Then added a garland, pinecones and a bit of white paint.

That was a good start.

Tomorrow we are having company

and I wanted the porch to look festive.

My family says No Christmas before Thanksgiving !

It was hard to wait :)

xo Lisa S


  1. Nice idea to put snow on the skates. They make a nice decoration.

  2. I love this idea with faux snow on the skates, I might this ideas on some of my greenery. Love your blog, so many wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing


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