Saturday, November 25, 2017

DIY Snowflake Ornaments with Dollar Tree Wooden clothespins

Here's an easy craft.
        You can make these for ornaments or clip on to packages, wreaths, just about anything!

                                                  The Dollar Tree has clothespins.

                                                           They come 36 to a pack.

  You will need 9 clothespins per snowflake, because 1 is used on the back so it can clip to the tree.

                  You will also need glue. I used wood glue, but you can use hot glue if you prefer.

                      These can be painted and glittered but I did not show that step. Be creative.

You will be able to make 4 snowflakes with 1 pkg.
Go ahead and gently twist 8 pins apart.

You will glue the smooth sides together.
Glue 4 to make an X add 4 more. Last pin will be centered on back side.
Allow to dry. Leave natural or paint white, add glitter if you like. 
 I did not show that step. Be creative.
Hope you enjoyed this quick craft.
xo Lisa S

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