Saturday, November 11, 2017

Boutique Today and Tomorrow

Just on update on what's happening this weekend !!!! Stop by and say hello.......
                                Thank you to my friends who came Friday night !!!! xo LisaS

 Saturday, the church will have Chili ! I have heard it is amazing and they sell out fast.
Today was wonderful and THANKS to everyone who stopped by. I really enjoyed getting
to catch up with friends. If you came by you would have seen the empty I will be
working on some new projects tonight....we will see how much I get done.
I have some ideas, I will post by tomorrow. Hope to see you Sunday ! xoLisaS

Last update for the weekend!
Sunday was another great day. What a busy time. We had such a nice crowd all day long.
Since I ran out of inventory.....I made some ornaments last night.

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