Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Jewelry with repurposed game pieces

Here are some jewelry pieces I'd like to share.
These earrings and necklaces are made from all kinds of game pieces. I have used Monopoly,
Scrabble, Bingo, Clue and Parcheesi. Once in a while I find old Cracker Jack Toys.
Each necklace has an added jewel. I have all letters available and jewel color can be changed.
Chains are 18''

The charm bracelet is a combination of different games.  Thank you ! xoLisaS
The bracelet is SOLD



  1. So cute for Christmas presents....
    You always make everything so perfectly done too!!

  2. What a nice thing to say! Thank you

  3. Putting the house and hotel earrings on the Monopoly cards is very clever! A great way to display them! And that bracelet is sweet! Very nice projects!

    1. So nice to have you stop by ! I lost a bunch of comments that I just found. I'm glad you like the game piece jewelry. I have a lady that is a Realtor and she gives the earrings to clients as gifts. xoxLisaS


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