Sunday, October 29, 2017

Tiered Tray with repurposed vintage pieces for farmhouse decor

This would be great for the kitchen. It would
 be a good start for that coffee station you
 always wanted.

The handle is an antique rolling pin. It is sturdy.
It is food safe.

I will be posting more trays but each one is very
Easy to clean, wipe down or washing by hand
is recommended.

This tray will be at the craft show and will
be priced at $30.00
Thank you,


  1. Thanks for stopping by over at my mason jar snowmen.
    This is so cute and country, I love it! Would be an awesome way to display items in a craft sale also.

  2. Thank you so much ! I am honored that you visited. You are my 1st comment and follower.

  3. This is so unique. Very nice!!!

  4. Do you have any way to follow you by email. There's a widget in blogger that you can add. For now, it will have to be hit or miss. Thank you.

    1. I AM SUCH A NEWBIE ! I know my email is in my profile along with instagram I think. I will try to add that. Thanks for asking. I just today found out I had a bunch of comments waiting to be ok'd,

    2. Thank you for the suggestion of adding email gadget.
      I think I did it....??


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