Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mini Paper Mache Snowmen

 Here are the mini snowmen. These are only 1'' tall. Some have acorn snow caps and twig arms.

      Some are hugging couples. There are some families available. I will take special orders.

                   Each one handmade by me and that means no two look exactly the same.

                                                   They all have a touch of snow....glitter.

I have mini trees in many different colors. Some are glittered some are not.

                                                                  Trees range in size 1'' to 8''.

                                                                         Prices for the trees:

                                                                        1'' Bleached trees $1.00

                                                        Other Trees range from $1.00 to $5.00


                                                               Prices for Snowmen:

                                                                      $2.00 for single

                                                                      $4.00 for a couple

                                  each connecting child or Grandchild is $2.00

                  Special orders always available contact by comments, email or Instagram

                                                            Thanks so much for stopping by !

                                                                                  xo Lisa S

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