Friday, October 20, 2017

ahhhhh.....Warming Pillows

These Warming Pillows are made from soft 100% cotton flannel....ahhhh...
and filled with Flax Seed. Flax has a wonderful scent when it is warmed. Flax will not go rancid like rice.The flannel is printed with nice warm winter thoughts like cozy,
HOME, believe, fa la la, winter, cheer, snowflake, jingle and joy.
 It will come with an instruction  tag and folded in half with a ribbon.
Microwave 1 min. Place across shoulders, back or lap. Enjoy and relax!
On cold nights I like to put it under the sheets to warm my feet. 
approx. 5'' x 20''
Sorry Sold out

I also have handmade standard pillow cases to match ! $10.00
I have only 2warming left for todays sale.
I have Sold out of the pillowcases and this fabric is no longer available.
Let me know if you are interested.
Thanks for stopping by, xoLisaS

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