Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Galvanized Spray Paint - Does it work?

......And is it worth the money?
I already had 8 cans of spray paint in my stash.
I found everything from Brushed Nickel to Metallic Silver

  but I was curious about the galvanized paint.

These 8 metal chargers were a thrift store find. They were a brassy gold color.
I really wanted a set of galvanized, but they are so expensive.
 When we entertain we always eat outside.
The galvanized plates are casual and rustic.
 I think it's worth a try!

So I went with the RUST-OLEUM  Hammered Paint and Primer in Silver
I put down some cardboard and flipped the plates over to start on the back side.
I decided to use a couple of the cans I had since I was painting the backs.
 It was a nice hot day!
A couple of coats of paint and I was ready to try the
Hammered Silver
 Here is a close up
I did not see the 'galvanized look' right away

 after a couple coats...sure enough you start to see it!
I noticed the more the paint spits and sputters the better- you almost have to
make it thicker in places yourself.
What I mean is if you spray too perfectly even you may nor notice the slight variance
in the color.  This is my own opinion of course but I think it worked.
I left the plates outside to bake in the sun....
I was all ready to say...no, I don't see it happening then I noticed it looked great.
 It even gave a galvanized texture.
So YES, it was a success!
I only bought 1 can of the HAMMERERED SILVER
 and even without using up a couple old cans like I did,
 I would have had enough paint to cover all 8 chargers.
If you try this paint I think you will be happy with the results!
My chargers were $1 each
The Hammered Silver was $7 at Home Depot
Similar Galvanized Chargers were between $6 and $12 each

I put some pieces together temporarily.
 I plan to use these chargers often.
 I look forward to Easter Brunch with family!
Have a blessed week and a Happy Easter!
xo Lisa S


  1. They look great. I was hoping to change some thrift store silver painted chargers to a copper color using their product. Thanks for the tip!
    Visiting from Classy Flamingos


    1. Rachelle
      Thank you! Copper chargers would look amazing. I am so glad you stopped by to visit.
      xo Lisa S

  2. I used the hammered copper spray on some chargers and loved it. Your galvanized chargers look great! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    1. oh I bet the copper would look amazing. I am so pleased with how they turned out. xo Lisa S

  3. I am SOOOO excited to read this post. Popping over from Benita's. I found some chargers last year at a yard sale for 10 cents each. Bought then and stored them for extras. Which I have lots of chargers. But I have been wanting to have some chargers that had that galvanized look but girl...I am too cheap to pay the price I have seen! Thank you for sharing this. Gonna give it a try myself. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Cindy
      I think you will be pleased with the paint. Just layer until you like the look. I'm glad I inspired you....great deal on your 10 cent chargers!
      xo Lisa S

  4. These look beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful Easter and these chargers look great. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday

    1. Jenny
      Thank you for the sweet comment! Thank you for hosting.
      xo Lisa S

  5. Love this tip and tutorial, Lisa. I used a textured spray paint on my open shelving hardware... gave it a nice wrought iron look! Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering!

    1. Julie
      These texture paints are amazing! Great idea for hardware.
      Thank you for hosting! I am loving your parties. I'm glad I found you. xo Lisa S

  6. It's good stuff isn't it? We used it on a gate a few years ago. You are right, the thicker you paint the better the texture you get.

    1. Julie
      I am loving all these different texture paints. The new nozzles are comfy and easy to. Great idea to use on a gate! xo Lisa S


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