Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Velvet Pumpkins- The Easy NO SEW Version

Hi My Friends,


I have shared before how I make VELVET PUMPKINS from Thrift Store Prom Dresses.

Now I want to share  another version that's even easier!

To start you will need one or more of these

View Carvable Foam Pumpkins, 4.5 in.
 Hollow carve-able type Styrofoam pumpkins from Dollar Tree.

For me, these pumpkins are ready for a second time around!

They were painted before, but they still looked too much like plain Styrofoam.

So it's time for a  do- over!

I still have SO much pink velvet left over...I'm going to use that!

Remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Remove the stem. With a dull knife, poke the hole till it's the size of a nickel.

Cut your fabric to about a 20'' circle.

Put your Styrofoam Pumpkin in center of circle.

Use the knife to tuck fabric into opening.

No GLUE needed.

These pumpkins are nice and firm.

Use a glue gun to attach stem.

I like to use real ones.

Wasn't that easy?

You can make a lot of pumpkins with one dress :)

Pumpkins don't have to be orange-

Tell me the truth....You may have a Bridesmaid dress in your closet!

Or maybe you can check with your Mom.

I love sharing with you - Please leave a comment and say hello!

xo Lisa S

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Pumpkins with Silverware Stems

Hi Friends,

Well, I am full swing into Fall over here


I found these creamy white pumpkins at the Dollar Tree.

These are so cute and easy to upcycle!

You can find these type of pumpkins everywhere.

 You may already have some at home that need a change.

First I pulled out the stem- saved it of course-

Tucked the cloth back into the hole with scissors.

I make a lot of different crafts with silverware.

It seems like I don't use the knives very often.

 Mr. FreshVintage cut them for me. He's the Best!

There were enough in my stash to use for pumpkin stems.

Just a little hot glue and some vintage lace!

You can see how easy it was to make.

Thank you so much for visiting!

I hope you have a blessed week-

xo Lisa S

Monday, September 2, 2019

Upcycled Vintage Wood Tray with Silverware Handles

Hi Friends!
I found this tray while Thrifting-

I liked the shape and size.
I thought I might paint the tray, but after a little sanding
I decided to just stain the tray darker.
I sanded all sides and removed the old felt pads.

The inside of the tray had scrapes and marks that were

easily removed.


My favorite stain as you may know is BRIWAX in Dark Brown.

It's so easy to use, one step and done.

These long handled Iced Tea spoons will be perfect handles for the tray.
I asked my son to smash them for me on his hydraulic press.
It's easier than pounding, but pounding with a mallet works fine too!


Tea spoons are thin and can be bent with fliers.
Then I drilled holes in the handle end and base of spoon end

 so I could attach to tray.

This is a view to show the shape of the handles.

I found the shortest wood screws we had.
Then marked where the handles will be on the side.
There was just enough room.
Make your starter holes. I used a Yankee drill.
I had to be very careful not to drill all the way through to the other side.


I have the flat portion of the spoon facing to the right on both sides.
It looks more balanced that way.
On the underside I added new felt pads for a finished look.


You can never have too many trays!
Am I right?
They are great for keeping clutter neat and tidy-
I appreciate you stopping by today.
I hope you have a wonderful week.
xo Lisa S

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Repurposed Trivet Set into Pumpkin Patch Sign

Hello Friends!

I'm thinking about FALL...My favorite time of year.

This repurposed project is so silly, I almost don't want to share it with you.

Oh well, let's just do it!

To be honest with you. I'm not sure what these are or what they would be

used for. It's a set of 3, with cork on one side- wood on the other.

This is the back side...they kind of looked like pumpkins to me.

I always tell you how much I paid...

It was 1/2 price day at the thrift shop by my house and I paid 1.00 for the set.

I already had some paint in the color- PUMPKIN

I painted the back sides and left the handles to be the stems.

I just free handed the signs using a Sharpie.

Then sanded the edges a bit, and went over the top with some stain.

You know me I love my Briwax.

I used a chop saw to shorten the handles-

I had an old 5' tall wood post.

Since the pumpkins were thin and small. I just used wood glue to attach

to the post. They were held in place with my favorite

Mickey Mouse Clamps!

See the hidden Mickey?

The glue held quickly.

I used a scrap of wood as a spacer.

I added some Raffia tied to the stems and wire twisted around a pencil

to make pumpkin tendrils.

It will be probably be outside so it needs to be sealed.

I told you it was silly! 

Here's the sign along side my No-Sew Pumpkins !

Thanks for taking the time to hang out with me today-

Let me know if you are excited like I am to get out the pumpkins.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

You are the best!

xo Lisa S

Friday, August 16, 2019

Embroidered Lavender Sachet

Hello Friends!
I'm so glad you are here.

It's that time to collect the Lavender from my garden.

It's also time to start making some crafts for the Christmas Boutique Season.
These embroidered lavender sachets are always a  popular item.

I will share my shortcut with you...
I use the organza bags from the DOLLAR TREE.
They come in a few colors, I love the pale yellow/cream color.
The bags come 8 to a pack for one dollar.
3'' x 4''

I used embroidery floss in the color number 29 and 522

Cut a length of floss about 18'' and divide the 6 strands of floss in half.

Use the 3 strands and a needle to begin. 

I found it was easier to embroider when the bag was filled.

I used a running stitch stems and Daisy loop flowers.

 To get started just free hand the stems, then add leaves-

Then  stitch the flowers........ fill with Lavender buds and done!

Ways to use your sachets :
  • Use the sachet to scent your drawers and keep insects away. 
  •  A lavender sachet will work as a natural air freshener. 
  • Keep a sachet near your bed, the fragrance helps you relax. 
  • Give lavender sachets as gifts. 
  • Toss into the clothes dryer.
  • Put a sachet in your car, the heat will release the scent.
  • Tuck one inside your purse or suitcase.
When the sachet starts to lose the scent,
 just give the bag a little squeeze and it will become fragrant again.
The bags can be refilled when needed.

I have more to go......

When these are finished they will be set aside for
the Christmas Boutique.
 Do you start your Christmas crafting in the summer?
I would love to hear from you !
xo Lisa S

Velvet Pumpkins- The Easy NO SEW Version

Hi My Friends,  HAPPY FALL Y'ALL! I have shared before how I make VELVET PUMPKINS  from Thrift Store Prom Dresses. ...