Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Kitchenware as Repurposed Planters


                                           I don't know but it seems all garage sales, tag sales,

                                             yard sales and estate sales have one thing in common.

                                                                Tons of  KITCHENWARE !

        I want to share a couple of fun pieces to turn into planters.
                                                 First I found an aluminum colander for .50

                                                          These are so useful in the garden.

                                    I use one to carry fresh vegetables and herbs to the house.

                                             Then it is easy to rinse and clean your veggies.

I had a Coco Liner on hand from The Dollar Tree. You can
line the sides and bottom with moss if you prefer.

It was a pretty good fit !
They can be trimmed with scissors.

                            I used Patio Potting Mix and purchased one small pot of Petunias.
Less mess if I do it on the grass!
 The Colander on the left has succulents that I planted in the Fall
The other pan was an old Jello Mold for .50
I used the same Potting Mix.
I know there is special potting soil for succulents but it is expensive and I have
had good results with the Patio Mix.
I will only water the wreath with a spray bottle.

                                                    I just used cuttings from my backyard.
For this project you will only need a small amount
of cuttings. If you don't have access to
cutting, ask friends and neighbors to save you some.
Hey ask your Mom or Grandma !
Gardeners love to share.

I used a stick to poke holes in the dirt.
Gently press stems into the holes and tap down dirt around plant. 

Mist with a spray bottle.
As the plants establish you can give your wreath a tilt if you like.

Trim to keep the shape.

I brought it in the house and added a candle.

 A Living Wreath

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Have a Wonderful Day !


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Thrift Store DIY Desk Organizer

I found this DESK ORGANIZER the other day when I was out Thrift Shopping.
I thought it had potential. Any wood, even cheap wood
will look great with a coat of chalk paint.
I needed to clean it up, just a wipe down with a soft cloth.
A little bit of wood glue in a couple spots.
Then a bit of sanding with #200 sandpaper, and
another wipe down.
I got out the supplies needed to paint.
I went over to Joanne's Fabrics to get some paint and I saw this set of brushes
and I thought I would give them a try.

                                             The brush on the left is for stenciling or chalk paint.

                                  The brush on the right is for wax. Easy clean up with soap and water.

I painted the entire organizer with  Adirondack White Chalk Paint.
The brushes worked well.
I gave it 2 coats it some places, and left some places with a bit of the dark wood showing.
I painted inside the drawer, and on the underside.
I moved it around from desk to desk-
and  moved it again.
To the Kitchen
and then back to the desk again.
AND another desk!

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Chalk Painted Milk Bottle Vases and Galvanized Planter

The Milk Bottles and the Galvanized Planter
came from the Dollar Tree. I just wanted to change their look
by using chalk paint.
The planters have raised lettering and are printed the same on both
sides. You can choose between French or English.
Since they were $1.00 I bought both.

The bottles were also $1.00 and they have raised letting.

      I find that the best way to paint these bottles is to start with a couple of fingers in the opening,

                                                        and paint with the other hand.
                                     I painted the outside and the inside of the planter.


After the paint dries, you can came back over the raised lettering with a lint free cloth dipped in warm

 water and gently wipe over the area that has the writing, but I prefer to use 150 or 200 grit sandpaper

                                        to take off some of the paint to give it an aged look.

                                   If you plan to use your planter and bottles around water,

                                     I recommend using a layer of wax to protect your paint.


       The flowers came from the Dollar Tree.  I used 2 bunches of flowers and divided them into

                         the 3 bottles. You will need wire cutters to divide the flowers.
If you like you can add jute or some vintage lace to your bottles. 
I put one of the bottles in an old suitcase for display.
Here is the link for the painted suitcase
The planter with flowers would be a nice gift.
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Friday, March 30, 2018

Another easy MOSS covered DIY- A Cross and Vase

Get your glue gun out,

I have one last MOSS covered project to share for spring on this GOOD FRIDAY !

  I am sorry if you are tired of the MOSS,  it seems to be my theme this season.

I found this wood cross at the .99 cent Store.
The moss was from Dollar Tree.
you could cut a cross from cardboard or foamboard.
I painted the back green, just to give it a finished look.
I hot glued a POP TOP from a soda can to the back as a hanger.
Next , start to cover with moss.
Trim with scissors. I added a bit of jute across the center.
You may want to add flowers tucked into the jute.
I decided to hang on a mirror, using a piece of wire.
I'm not sure if I like the flowers.
The other idea was to cover a Tin can with MOSS to use as a vase.
Clean can, and remove label.
Run a bead of hot glue over the edge to protect you from the sharp top of the can.
Lay on its' side and cover with MOSS.
Be very careful ! The can will heat up from the glue.
You don't need to put moss on the under side.
The can will not leak !
 Both projects used less than 1/2 of a bag of moss.
I decided to wrap with jute then filled with water and added fresh flowers from my yard.
This makes a pretty spring container.
Okay, no more decorating ! I need to clean my house !
I have company coming and I can't wait.
I hope you have a wonderful Easter with family and friends !

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Moss Covered Bunny / Dollar Tree Re-make

 I found this sweet little BUNNY at the
Dollar Tree a couple days ago.
He was white and covered with a chenille sort of ribbon.
Cute but I thought, I could change him up a bit.
 Well completely....
 Under the ribbon was this great sort of skeleton.
The ribbon came right off in one piece. No glue.
( I plan to keep the chenille for another project.)
I don't feel bad about taking it apart. For $1.00, I  got a great base for my project.
 If you don't have a Dollar Tree near you, I have seen the paper mache bunny forms
and that would work just fine.
I also purchased moss at the Dollar Tree.

                                                ( I only used 1/8 of the bag of moss )
and  24'' of jute
Hair spray as a fixative when completed (opt.)
I used a tray to control my mess, the moss gets a little bit crazy !
Warm up that glue gun !
I started at the top of the head and worked down the spine.
CAREFUL not to burn yourself.
Give a little squeeze to shape.
Just keep going and fill in where you need to and
trim with scissors. If you see spaces add more moss.
Tie a piece of jute or ribbon if you prefer around your Bunny's neck.
Give a light  covering of Hair Spray, this is optional.
I hope this has inspired you to look at some of the items at the dollar/craft stores a little differently.
The wreaths and some other holiday shapes work well as a base for a completely changed item for your home and décor.
Thank you ! xoLisaS

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vintage EASTER Printables for you !

           I think everyone enjoyed the Vintage Valentines and the St. Patricks' Day Postcards.

              If you missed it go over to the Labels on the right and look at PRINTABLES.
                                              You will find  them there.

                I thought I would share some EASTER cards and a couple of cut outs
                                            for you to use in your décor or craft projects.

Wouldn't this be a sweet tag on a basket ?
Forget -me-not


Enjoy !
If you are looking for more you can check over at
I thought I would add a picture of my new baby chicks !
You can watch them grow on YouTube !
Thank you for stopping by !
Let me know in the comments what you
made with these cards and cut outs.
Have a Blessed Easter! xoLisaS

Kitchenware as Repurposed Planters