Thursday, February 8, 2018

Almost Homemade Peppermint Bark for Valentines' Day

Here is how I make Peppermint Bark with a little help from the Dollar Tree.

First you are going to need these Peppermint Bark Bars. The bars are white chocolate ONLY with the peppermint candy mixed inside, but that just won't do!  We will bump it up a notch and add more goodness. I was able to buy these after Christmas for .25 each. Their best by date is July.....the candy will be long gone by then. I bought 6 knowing they will fit nicely on a cookie sheet.

You will also need Parchment paper.
Chocolate for melting. You can use chocolate chips. Dollar Tree has both these items.
The chips at Dollar Tree are 6 oz. I would use 2 bags.
I was able to find dark chocolate in a 10 oz. bag. and that's my husbands' favorite. I  used 1 bag of the dark chocolate.
The parchment paper from the Dollar Tree is a great deal.
Cover cookie sheet with Parchment paper, open up the peppermint bark place on cookie sheet with the scored side up.
Set aside
Open the chocolate and put inside a microwave safe container. I used a pyrex measuring cup.
Microwave for 30 sec. and check, stir and add another 30 sec. Watch carefully so the chocolate
doesn't burn. Stir until smooth. Cover the bars evenly, and let it set.

          After a few minuets it will set up. You will be able to tell because it loses it's sheen.
        Now for the fun part. Break into small pieces. Place in bags to give as gifts. The bags also came from Dollar Tree. I was able to make enough for 12 Valentine's gifts.

                                                       Happy Valentines' Day ! xoxLisaS

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