Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Vintage Bottle Stoppers

 Hi Friends,

This past week I was slowed down by an

extreme case of VERTIGO !

If you have experienced it , you know what I mean.

Now I can get back on the computer-

I'm trying to get ready for a craft show in a couple days.

So last minute I put together some 

Bottle Stoppers and I thought I would share

them with you!

I get so excited, sometimes I forget to take pictures.

It started with this stopper -

The top was easy to remove.

Some needed to have a screw cut to attach the knife handle

and some stoppers have a post.

I prefer the stoppers with a post.

and a knife

It is easy to find knives at thrift shops.

The knives are usually inexpensive.

I use a vise and a soft cloth to hold in place while I cut.

I used a Dremel tool to cut and sand the ruff edges.

Making sure the top is level.

The handles were a tight fit on the screw and the post,  no other

fixative was needed.

Then I polished the handles.

The stoppers can be used on an  olive oil bottle-

They can fit a wine bottle or in my case sparkling cider!

Just pretty for a party or wedding.

I think these would make a nice gift.

I used more knife handles on this blog post-


Have a great day!

Thanks for the visit.
xo Lisa S


  1. Cute and creative idea for recycling knife handles!

  2. Lisa, Thanks for sharing over at the Creative Crafts Linky Party! We will be featuring you this week, starting on Wednesday! Have a great week! CHEERS! Team Creative Crafts

    1. Beth,
      How wonderful! I really appreciate it- thank you!
      xo Lisa S

  3. Beautiful idea and pieces! Vertigo is the worst. I get it every so often so I can sympathize. I’m glad your feeling better. Hugs,

  4. What a creative way to recycle the handles of flatware knives. The antique silver patterns are so graceful and lovely.

    1. Carol, Thank you so much!
      I like that my bottle looks fancy. My mom will be getting one for Mother's Day ;)
      I really appreciate you stopping by and saying hello-
      I hope you have a wonderful week and celebration with loved ones.
      xo Lisa S

  5. Oh my, how cute! I love the way the vintage silver adds a touch of elegance to the stoppers!

    1. Tina, Thank you so much. What a sweet comment!
      xo Lisa S

  6. I suffer from vertigo, so I know what you were going through - no fun! These bottle stoppers are fantastic...can I ask what Dremel blade you used to cut them?

    1. Hi Ann,
      I'm sorry you get vertigo too- it's so unsettling- literally ! I get concerned about driving so I wait it out for days!
      I'm so glad you like the bottle stoppers. I used a blade called EZ 456 1 1/2''. I'm sure there is probably a better one to use for jewelry, but this blade cuts all metals.
      xo Lisa S


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