Sunday, June 5, 2022

Beginner IRIS FOLDING Card

 Hi Friends!

I found a fun way to use

 scrapbook paper scraps.

The technique is called Iris Folding

because it resembles the iris of an eye or camera lens.

Iris folding is originally from Holland. 

It reminds me of flat Origami.

I'm going to make a card with a 2'' window.

I will give you a list of supplies along with the measurements.

1 tri-fold card

 To make your own-

 12 1/2'' long by 5 1/4'' high cardstock, folded into 3rds with

2'' by 2'' square cut in center of folded card.

I can always find extra envelops in my stationary stash.

It wound be easy to make your own if needed.

Print this pattern template at 2''

Tape the template to your work area and your card window over the pattern.

Tape in place.

We will be working in reverse.

Pick 4 different scrap papers about 3'' by 3''

Cut 4 strips of each color 3'' by 3/4'' wide

NOTE: This template has 5 strips- but the center

picture was so small I used only 4

Fold  all 4 strips of the 4 papers in half

Separate the 4 sets of paper, your strips will be A,B,C  and D.

Start with A, fold side in along the template line.

Use glue dot on ends of paper just to hold in place.

Working upward, then use 'B' strips.

Continue working around in a circle with 'C' and 'D'

This is the back side.

Trim papers that may hang over the fold.

You can add a small picture or photo to the center.

I used a picture from a children's book.

Remove tape and flip over your card to see-

Flip to back side again.

Note: Add your 5th strip here if you want a smaller center.

Fold front left side down to cover your work-

Flip to the front and see your card!

It should open and the inside is clean and blank.

Here is another version :

This time we will alternate our 4 papers- A,B,C,D and around again.

Layer on top of layer-

Then glue your center picture.

Glue down the left side.

Flip over-

I don't see any difference between the two versions.

Do you see any difference ?

Which ever one is easier for you

is the best one to choose.

I used my  postal scale to check the cards weight.

I was happy the cards were 1.5 oz.

If you don't have any paper scraps,

you could use old magazine pages,

 colored ribbon or fabric.

I tried some origami papers and music paper.

Have a blessed day!

xo Lisa S


  1. Replies
    1. Michele, I made a few and left them blank for now. I can save them and add a sentiment when needed ;) Thanks for the visit!
      xo Lisa S

  2. I never thought about using this technique using paper or your other suggestions. Such a great idea letting the center be a cute design. Thank you for sharing at "HomeMattersParty"

    1. Allyson, They remind me of little quilt squares. I 'm so glad you stopped by.
      Thank you for hosting!
      xo Lisa S

  3. I remember something similar in quilting, and you ended up with a puffed up square-thick with multiple layers, sewing as you went around in a circle and getting dizzy, LOL. Looks like fun

    1. Thanks Sandi!
      These cards do look like little quilt squares.
      They were fun to make and use up some paper scraps.
      Have a great week.
      xo Lisa S

  4. LOve this idea. I've been using tiny frayed fabric scrap strips to make cards. I think I'll try this with single layer fabrics? I've done a line stitch of this zentangle design for a pillow cover.

    1. Joy,
      Thanks and I love your idea as well ! A tiny quilt card would be adorable. I'm so glad you came by to say hello.
      I hope you have a great week, please visit again.
      xo Lisa S

  5. I still have a beautiful iris fold card my aunt made for me once, it's a lovely technique. I love the way you show all the different looks you can get by choosing different papers. This will be a feature at Handmade Monday this week :-)

    1. Julie,
      Thank you so much. I had not seen this technique before, but fell in love with the simplicity of design and minimal amount of scrap needed. I think I stopped after 8 cards ;)
      You are a sweet friend and I really appreciate you!
      xo Lisa S


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