Monday, January 28, 2019

How to Make Personalized Faux Birch Candles

Hi Friends!  Welcome
Do you have about 15 minutes to spend with me today ?
That's all the time we are going to need for this project.

Remembering young love and carving your initials in a tree !

I never did but it looked like fun....we're going to use a candle.

First you will need to run around the house to find  some pillar candles.

At least one..... did you find one ?

You can use a real candle or a battery powered type. I'm going to show you both versions.
If you use a battery powered type make sure it has a wax coating.
You will also need a few toothpicks

Dark Wax -

I used FOLKART Home Décor Wax in Antique Brown

( the type usually used  with chalk paint )
That's it !  

I started with the regular Pillar Candle.
This candle was white and  6 " tall.
I began with scratching our initials into the candle with the toothpick,

 and then drew the surrounding heart.
Then I added the horizontal lines.
No need for perfection here! You can come back later and
add more lines if you decide you want more.

Wipe on the dark wax with a lint free cloth, making sure the scratches are filled.
Here is the front

and the back side
Wipe off the excess in horizontal strokes.
Stop when you like the color, let dry thoroughly.
NOTE: Pillar candles usually burn just in the center and not to the edge.
I don't plan to burn this candle but if you plan to give this as a gift
please give a warning to not leave a candle unattended.
The second candle is battery powered and coated with wax.
This candle is off-white and 6 "tall.

You can find these at the Dollar Tree.
The wax is just a thin layer over plastic, be careful not to
go too deep when you scratch your design.
I decided to put my design lower than the -glow- line.
Can you see?

Here it is finished !

Here are the two versions side by side.
I always feel safer using the battery powered candles.
Here is the candle next to a real Birch star that
the  M  in  M+L  made.
Wouldn't this make a sweet gift for a special couple on Valentine's Day,
or for a Wedding, Anniversary or Shower gift ?
You can also ''scratch'' the special date on the candle.
It's a nice personal touch.
xo Lisa S


  1. I adore this! I'm planning a women's retreat for the ladies at our church (well, the decorating part anyway) and the theme is "Cozy Mountain Lodge". I just had to pin it! I can hardly wait to get to church to see if our battery candles have wax on them or not! :)

    If you'd like, you can see some of the other things I'm making for the retreat at my blog here:

    Found you at Oh My Heartsie!

    Found you

    1. Babychaser,
      It's so nice to meet you. I'm glad you found me. Thank you fro the invitation to visit your site, I will stop by to see hello. I'm glad I inspired you. These candles would go great with your theme!
      Thank you for your sweet comment! xo Lisa S

  2. I really liked your project and the simplicity, too. In NH, where I grew up, white birch trees are the state tree. I think I would use a dark gray or black wax instead of the brown. I would like to try this!

    1. Kathy,
      Thank you so much. I love Birch trees, they are not native to my area. I think it's a great idea to use the different color waxes.
      I'm so glad you stopped by- xo Lisa S

  3. This is so adorable, and perfect for Valentine's Day,o r an anniversary! Thank you for sharing at Celebrate It!

  4. Brilliant! This is so happening at my house. Thank you for the idea 😊 Pinned

    1. Marie
      Thank you- That's awesome. I'm glad I inspired you.
      xo Lisa S

  5. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    1. Thank you, I always look forward to your posts and parties! xo Lisa S

  6. Ohhh they are cute candle! Super creative.

  7. Love these . I scheduled to share to my peeps on Coastal Bohemian on FB. They are perfect for Vday, anniversary, engagement or weddings. Thanks for posting this at Funtastic Friday.I also pinned it!!!

    1. Michele
      Thank you for your sweet comment! Thank you for hosting and I appreciate you sharing on FB.
      So glad you stopped by- xo Lisa S

  8. This is so neat! I love how easy it is to create. I never carved my initials in a tree either, so this would be the next best thing. :) Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

    1. Amy
      Thank you so much! It is such an easy and rewarding
      project. Thanks for hosting and visiting. xo Lisa S

  9. These are wonderful! pinning -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thank you Stone Cottage Adventures !
      I appreciate the pin :)

      xo Lisa S

  10. Fantastic and cute idea! Looks simple enough, I might even be able to bust one out before Valentine's Day!!

    1. CraftyHope,
      Thank you so much! I am getting back to you after did you have a chance to make one ?
      xo Lisa S

  11. Thank you so much for sharing these with us at the Share Some Love party; your post was picked as one of my featured favorites!

    1. Thank you so much, Mother of 3!
      There were SO many awesome ideas- I am so grateful to you for all you do. It was wonderful to see all the Valentines ideas together- I LOVED IT. xo Lisa S

  12. I love this and have added it to my to-make list! Pinned and Featuring from the Dollar Store Decor Blog Hop! You can see it here,



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